Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hair Dos and Hair Don’ts

Ready for some fun and embarrassing pictures? :)

My hair is super duper fine.  I think I’ve had an updo twice in my life.  The first time was probably the hair trial for my brother’s wedding.  The second time was at my brother’s wedding.  When they got married back in 2003 my hair was also quite likely the longest it has been in my life.  I don’t have a great picture to show how long it was, but this probably gives you an idea of how fine my hair is.leana7-R1-7AWhen I went in for my trial for my brother’s wedding the stylist asked me to flip through some magazines to find pictures of updos I liked.  Every single one that I pointed out to her she said wouldn’t be possible because I just didn’t have enough hair.  So instead she put some rollers in and got to work.kl7172-R1-10AI don’t remember what the trial was like, but I absolutely HATED my hair at the wedding.  It was like a modified French roll, with all kinds of ends sticking up out of the top.  It looked like I had a mini birds nest piled on the top of my head.  (On the plus side, don’t my brother and sister-in-law look awesome?)k71725-R1-18AMVC-892XI know I look like a complete sour puss here, but this was me trying not to cry!  I have ugly cry face in most of the pictures of me during the ceremony.  What was up with that?MVC-002XNeedless to say when I think about how I would like my hair to look on my wedding day, an updo like that one is not top of the list.  When I saw pictures of Lauren Conrad rocking the side pony I thought that might be it!

1415416368_1450d94b3cImage via BuzzFeed 

My hair still has a long way to go in the length department but the biggest concern is if I can have a full enough pony tail to make this look work instead of it looking limp.  So today I got out the curling iron, spun some ringlets halfway up my hair and tied in a low side pony.  I still have some work to do to make sure the entire pony doesn’t turn into one giant ringlet.  I didn’t take any before pictures, but I did take some pictures when I got home.  Happily the curl held throughout the day – a miracle!  Plus I got complimented on it too!DSCN4506DSCN4507 Do you have any hair updo horror stories to share?


Lovely Traveler said...

Looks the side ponytail!

Meg said...

Oh I hear you! My hair is also CRAAAZY fine. You should have seen how much teasing and hair spray went into my hair on the wedding day. I wasn't thrilled with my hair, but it was better than the beehives I've had in the past.

I REALLY REALLY wanted my hair down or half-up. The stylist convinced me it couldn't be done though since it would fall out so fast. I had a trial to test their theory that it wouldn't hold (ever the scientist) and they were right. I was sad.

Do a million and one trials, and find a stylist that you trust. I ditched my first one who made me look like the total bride of Frankenstein. You might also want to look into extensions. Apparently they aren't that expensive, and are easy to use. If you wanted a more "full" look, they'd help (or so I was told).

LOVE the side pony!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Ohhhh I like the side ponytail look! My hair isn't quite long enough for it either...

I have had many updos over the years and I know now what works and what doesn't. I also have fine hair so I understand where you are coming from. A good hairstylist should be able to make a short haired/fine haired girl look like she has lots of hair in an updo.
I would say the biggest updo mistake in the past for me has been super tight, slicked back with a big bun on top. The soft curl looks way better on me.
Make sure you go for lots of trials and take lots of pictures of your trials so you can see what you like/don't like.

Jennifer said...

OMG I tried to do a side ponytail for my BFF wedding and it came out HORRIBLE! I dont think the stylist knew what she was doing and the actual pony tail part itself was so tiny. My hair is not thin by any means, but she made it look so small lol. Maybe you could do a ponytail extension if your heart is set on it?

the observer said...

Great blog! I asked my stylist for an updo with loose curls pinned up for my wedding. My hair is stick straight so I figured loose would work for me. Well, the stylist made them waaaay tighter than I would like... it looked like a Grandma perm on the back of my head. Oh well. That was the only thing that wasn't perfect about the day, and I couldn't even see it :) Congrats to you! I'm sure the side pony tail wil be gorgeous!