Monday, November 8, 2010

I’m a two shoe bride!

Confession…I bought my wedding shoes before the wedding dress. I think I also might have bought the wedding shoes before we got engaged, but the timeline is a bit fuzzy in my memory on that one…

At first I had visions of some pretty fancy shoes on my wedding day. Maybe this would be the perfect excuse for some Manolo’s???  (I may have been slightly influenced by Carrie Bradshaw…)

-ManoloBlahnikSomethingBlueSatinPumImage via Neiman Marcus

They are even called Something Blue! Reality set in when I found out how much they were on a shopping trip to Holt Renfrew. They had the potential to cost more than my wedding dress!

Instead I started looking for purple shoes. Considering the popularity of purple right now I thought there would be a ton of choices. There were plenty online, but I haven’t found a great place to buy shoes online in Canada.  Instead I set my sights on the Nine West Jojus.IMGP3180

Pretty, reasonably comfortable, and they don’t cost an arm and a leg…what more could a girl ask for? Plus my dress happens to be the exact right length in these shoes!

I then started to wonder if I might want a pair of flats for later on in the evening. I’m hoping to be shaking my booty all night long and I just know that will be a lot tougher in heels. I don’t want to ditch the shoes and dance away barefoot so I started searching for the perfect pair of purple flats. However…

Difficulty finding purple flats > difficulty finding purple heels…but hello lovelies….the Nine West ZaltaIMGP3178

So cute, right? Purple satin and all blingy! They cost more than my number one pair of Jojus though  I didn’t want to spend more money on a second pair of shoes compared to the first one.  I sat on the decision for awhile. The shoes were on sale in the US so surely they would go on sale in Canada soon, right? On the odd time that I would go to the mall I would pop into Nine West, but they were still regular price. Then finally one day I was out, running slightly late for meeting my friends for dinner, but I took a quick stop by Nine West on my way out of the mall.

There they were, in the sale section! And they had them in my size! I snatched those puppies up and made it official. I am a two shoe bride!

Are you planning a shoe change at your wedding?


Meg said...

I had two shoes too. But I ended up going barefoot and danced til my toenails turned black. Serious. Half marathon training didn't do anything to my toes, but wedding dancing, look out! LOL

Danielle said...

LOL! I have THREE shoes. Uh-Oh! I have my blinged out shoes (high heel) I want to wear for some pictures. My replicated diy louboutin white shoes (low heel)to wear during the ceremony with my dress and I have a white pair of old navy flip flops to wear while dancing. Yes, I know.. I need help! LOL!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

My best friend had the blue MBs for her wedding. They are lovely but very uncomfortable for spending 9+ hours on your feet. After the first dance she changed to flats!

I have the NW Jojus but in fushia!! I LOVE them!! I wore them to a friend's wedding this summer and my feet hurt really badly by the time the dance started. I didn't bring any flats so I was stuck wearing them all night. I definitely recommend having a 2nd pair of shoes!
I love your flats also!! I may have to check those out for myself...

My wedding shoes were Nine West also! Looking back I wish I wore a fancy colour but mine were white with rhinestones on the strap and heel. For a 4 inch heel they didn't hurt that badly- I wore them the entire day/night and didn't switch to my flats at all. Guess the adrenaline kicked in!