Saturday, November 27, 2010

Lucky Me! Or Lucky Us!

Remember back when I was waxing poetic about non-floral boutonnieres awhile ago?  I fell in love with the boutonnieres at Pomp & Plumage on etsy.  When I saw that Souris Mariage was holding a giveaway for three boutonnieres from Pomp & Plumage you bet I threw my name in the hat.  And I won!

Or rather, future husband wins since they are for him.  Here is what we picked:

The Rosseau for the future hubs:il_570xN.191631410

The Goldstein for one of the groomsmen:il_570xN.177945498

The Jonathan Livingston Seagull for another groomsman:il_570xN.175192048

And we are going to order three of the Oscar Wilde boutonnieres for our fathers and our master of ceremonies:il_570xN.168996471

I was going to make the boutonnieres myself so I now have a bunch of feathers that I’ll have to find an alternate use for.  Any ideas on what to do with a few peacock, Lady Amherst pheasant, silver pheasant and guinea feathers?


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your win! I love the Rosseau your soon to be husband will wear.

Lovely Traveler said...

WOOOHOOO! Isn't it so much fun to win wedding stuff. What a great prize :D

Congrats again!!!

Natalie said...

Congrats! Those are great, absolutely works of art and they'll last forever!

Jennifer said...

AH! Awesome. I love winning things. Lucky duck!!!

Unknown said...

You could use the extra feathers as ticklers! Oops, maybe that was inapproriate!

Danielle said...

Squel! Those are fabulous! congrats on winning, you lucky duck!