Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sparklerless Saddy McSad-Pants

On Friday afternoon I was perusing the Brock House’s 2011 catering menu.  As I skimmed over various rules and such my eyes focused in on this one:


The use of nails, staples, glue or any like material is not permitted on any walls, doors, posts, ceilings or any like objects of the Brock House. Rice, confetti, sparklers and table sparkles will not be permitted on the property. Please ask the catering department for alternative recommendations (i.e. bubbles, birdseed and flower petals).

No sparklers?  That means we won’t be able to do a fun send off and get cool pictures like this one:

westwood-plateau-wedding-27Image via Sakura Photography

Le sigh…  I am so sad… 

I also have a rule.  Just say no to bubbles. 

What are our other alternatives besides birdseed and flower petals?

1. “Yay” flags are super cute and Mr. Gazelle is a big fan. 

il_fullxfull.142964157Yay Flags via tiny bird arts on etsy 

2. I really like ribbon wands and they look like such an easy (and reasonably inexpensive) DIY project.  Plus visually they look great!

ribbon-wands-wedding-1-e1287947301742 Photo by The Schultzes/Image via Ruffled 

We know that we won’t need our photographers to stick around until we are ready to leave in the evening because there won’t be cool sparklers.  I think the best way to incorporate some kind of fun “lets wave something around in the air” idea would be to make this part of our recessional. 

2512264895_769e11fd03Image via Your Best Wedding

Since our ceremony and our reception is in the same place this probably makes the most sense.  Then I think Mr. Gazelle and I will sneak away quietly via a taxi cab when we are ready to call it a night.  Um yes, we are totally thinking of going the inexpensive route and just cabbing it back to the hotel rather than renting a fancy limo for a 10 minute drive.

What would you do?  Would you DIY the “Yay!” flags or would you make your own ribbon wands?  And do you think the best time to break those out would be for our recessional?


Lindsay said...

oh boo on the sparklers! so i guess no fireworks either :(

one of my friends had a "send-off" from the church. it worked better for her 'cause not as many people stayed all the way til the end of the reception (and i don't remember if the photographers were still there). are your photographers scheduled for a # of hours? that would determine if they'd still be there at least.

Katie said...

I love the ribbon idea! We can have sparklers at our venue, but now I'm thinking it could be fun to incorporate ribbon into different aspects.

(I'm totally anti-bubble too).

Danielle said...

I LOVE sparklers, that's the uber suck that your venue won't let you have them. I think the yay signs and ribbon wands are so cute. I've seen a lot of people make ribbon wands and they have always said it's pretty easy and non expensive.

Meg said...

...we were the last ones to leave our party (we kept dancing) so I don't know about this one. I wish we had photogs with us though when we went downtown after the reception and went out for pizza at 3am. We wanted to keep partying and for the night to never end!

But the pictures are awesome! I like the idea of the send-off from the ceremony to the reception!

Jennifer said...

I like the ribbon idea...are you gonna do all white ribbon or colorful ribbon?