Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Goodbye from Gazelle

With the start of a new year I realize that I put off my final post recapping the Gazelle wedding and my good bye to Weddingbee far too long.

2012 was a busy year for the Gazelles.  We adopted the most adorable dog ever in March, Peat!  He's a four year old Scottish Terrier and we love him to pieces.
We celebrated our first anniversary in July.
We were there for the Eagles' beautiful wedding in August, where I also got to hang out with Mrs. Cinnamon Bun!
I raced my second Ironman Canada race at the end of August.
We spent some time hiking in the beautiful Rocky Mountains around Banff National Park.
 We traveled to Disney World in the fall.
All in all 2012 was a wonderful year and I can't wait to see what 2013 has in store for us. 
Thank you to everyone at Weddingbee for being there throughout our wedding planning journey.  Being able to share the details of our wedding with you truly made the whole experience so much more special.  Our wedding was one of the best days of my life, but I look forward to so many more special days with Mr. Gazelle as we grow old together.
Don't be a stranger!  Please feel free to stop by and say hi at my blog Runner Leana.  I've been busy documenting my training for the Goofy Race and a Half Challenge at Walt Disney World in less than two weeks!  I'll be running the Disney Half Marathon on day one, and the full marathon on day two.

Happy New Year to the hive and thank you again for everything!
*Personal pictures are noted, but the last three photos are from the amazingly talented Sakura Photography!*

Monday, December 31, 2012

Walking on Sunshine: We Dance!

With 2012 coming to a close I figure I should wrap up the last details on the Gazelle wedding!  I have put off my last few posts for far too long.

With dinner and cake complete it was time for Mr. Gazelle and I to have our first dance as husband and wife.
We had taken some dance lessons before the wedding but we didn't finish the round.  We were dance school drop outs!  It was tough picking a song but we chose Ryan Adams' When the Stars Go Blue for our first dance.  It was something we'd be able to sway to and we had our first kiss way back when with a Ryan Adams song playing in the background.
Although we were both a bit nervous about dancing in front of everyone we only had eyes for each other.
As we danced on we got warmed up we got a little bolder.  I love the goofy looks on our faces as we tried a few fancy moves out!

After Mr. Gazelle and I finished our first dance it was time for my dance with my dad to Phil Collin's You'll Be In My Heart.  I mentioned before that I really wanted a special song for us to dance to.  It was such a wonderful moment as we danced and I love how happy my dad looks.

After a minute or two we invited all the other fathers and daughters to join us.  My brother and my niece were having a good time on the dance floor!
Mr. Gazelle's mom chose Carole King's Child of Mine for their mother-son dance.
Again after a few minutes all the other mothers and sons joined in on the dance floor.  This included Brother Gazelle and Mama Gazelle.
Mr. Gazelle's dad and his grandmother.
And my dad and my grandmother.
I know my mother-in-law loved the dance with Mr. Gazelle!
After our special dances everyone took to the dance floor!  My niece had a great time dancing.

All too quickly our night was drawing to a close and it was time for our photographers to leave.  Our wedding was flying by. 

Did you include parent-child dances at your wedding?  What songs did you choose and did they have special meaning for you?

*All photos courtesy of the amazing Sakura Photography*

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Walking on Sunshine: Photobooth Fun

One of the wedding trends that Mr. Gazelle and I decided to hop on was the photobooth.  Our photographers had the option to add on a photobooth package including camera and backdrop for the duration of our reception.  We were keen...but would our guests use it and have fun?
Yup, I would say that our guests were definitely having fun!
Loved seeing my parents and brother getting in on the photobooth action. 
 I found this great chalkboard sign at Michaels!
With my Ironman training partners!
We were making the most of our photobooth time.
Not only were the mustaches and lips on sticks a hit, some of the other props we had bought were making their way into the photos too.  Case in point, the chalk and the mug I had bought to hold the chalk.
Quality time with my long term besties.
Our awesome photographers, Sakura Photography!
And a few of our favourites...

One of the best things about having a photobooth was that we got these photos back almost right away.  After the wedding you can't wait to get your photos!  Seeing these definitely tied us over while we waited the two months for the rest of our photos.
Did you decide to have a photobooth at your wedding?

*All photos courtesy of the amazing Sakura Photography*

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Walking on Sunshine: Cutting the Cake

Before I knew it I was getting tapped on the shoulder and being told that it was time to cut the cake.  Already?  Our reception was flying by.
Our cake cutting song came on - Silly Love Songs from Glee.  Both Mr. Gazelle and I were excited about cutting the cake.  
We started hamming it up for the camera.

Finally we got serious and cut the cake.  
Our cake was made by Sweet Thea.  The bottom layer was chocolate cake with chocolate and raspberry fillings.  The middle layer was a white cake with passion fruit filling.  The top layer was red velvet, however we saved the top tier for later and did not serve it to our guests.

We played nice with the cake.  Mr. Gazelle didn't want me to get any icing on his really nice suit.

Oh man was our cake delicious!! It was so pretty too.  It turned out exactly as I had imagined it.

While the cake was being platted up in the kitchen we had a few more toasts.
My dad had everyone laughing during his toast.

My parents have been married for almost forty-three years so he passed along a few words of wisdom for a long and happy marriage to Mr. Gazelle and I.

With all of the toasts complete Mr. Gazelle and I wanted to say a few thank yous.  The majority of our guests had traveled really far to come celebrate and it meant a lot to us.  It was a very close tie between our guests from Texas, Ontario and Kentucky as for who was from the furthest away.
We also really wanted to thank my mom for all of her hard work.  She put so much effort in to the gorgeous bridesmaids' dresses!  I'm not sure what we were saying here, but this picture cracks me up!
And with that, it was time to enjoy some cake!  Yes, we totally had two plates of cake each.  Too bad I was still too full to really enjoy it!  Luckily we still had a few slices left over to enjoy the next day.

How much did you love your wedding cake?  I sure loved ours, including all of our cake cutting moments. 

*All photos courtesy of the amazing Sakura Photography*

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