About Us

I'm a thirty something engineer who has lived the life of a gypsy.  Or a travelling salesman.  Or something like that.  I was born in Canada, but left when I was three to begin hopping around all over the globe.  I returned home for a couple of years of high school and to go to university, then I was on the move again after I graduated.  Finally in 2006 I decided to live a more settled life and I moved to Calgary...sort of home.  When I'm not working or blogging I'm probably training for some type of triathlon or running kind of race.

FH is a definite west coast boy and he bounced around BC as he grew up.  As a teenager he moved to Alberta, but he still misses the ocean.  He's big into camping and cycling.

We met in 2007 the way two nerdy geeks should meet.  Thanks to an online dating site.  We dated...we broke up...we got back together...we got engaged!  No one ever said life was a straight line, right?

Given our bouncy upbringing we weren't tied to getting married in our home city of Calgary.  We decided to get married in Vancouver - a city I fondly remember as the place I went to university, and a city that we both love to visit.  And we are getting married right by the ocean.   

I'm now blogging about the road to our nuptials.  Follow along!