Monday, November 1, 2010

Figuring the Flowers, Part II

Armed with my wedding binder and inspiration photos, I set off to meet with two florists for consultations.  I was interested in a bouquet with dark purple calla lilies, with other purple toned flowers and no greenery or crystals.  Something along the lines of these:

10450.purple-bouqet-flowers-atlanta-bouquet-.jpg.resizeImage by East Main Photography via weddingbee

purple_wedding_bouquet1Image by Jose Villa via Get Married in Banff

I didn’t give the two florists a budget, I was more interested to see what they would come up with based off of my pictures.  I had a number in mind, so I was curious to see where they would come out in relation to that number.  As it turns out both florists were quite close.  With the quotes in my hot little hands I did what any good engineering nerd would do to compare.  I created a visual to imagine what all of the proposed flowers would look like together.  Enter Google search and PowerPoint!

Florist number one suggested (in a clockwise pattern):

  1. Beautyberries (via National Park Service)
  2. Allium (via PlantBuzz)
  3. Dahlias (via Van Bourgondien)
  4. Deep purple calla lilies (via The Observatory)
  5. Sweet peas (via Unwins)
  6. Freesia (via
  7. Anemone (via Tulip World)
  8. Lisianthus (via Rain Flower Company)

Inspiration 1 - BrideThey are all such beautiful flowers, but everything is somewhat monochromatic.  It is also a lot of different flowers!  I’m having a hard time imagining how any flower can stand out with so many different varieties in the bouquet.  The bridesmaid bouquets would contain similar flowers and be smaller.

Florist number two suggested the following for my bouquet:

  1. Purple lisianthus (via Rain Flower Company)
  2. Lilac toned roses (via Fifty Flowers)
  3. Deep purple calla lilies (via The Observatory)
  4. Purple fragrant stock (via How Stuff Works)
  5. …with berries if available in season…Inspiration 2 - Bride 

For the bridesmaids bouquets she suggested

  1. Cream lisianthus (via Valley Flowers, Inc.)
  2. Lilac toned roses (via Fifty Flowers)
  3. Purple fragrant stock (via How Stuff Works)
  4. Cream miniature vendela roses (via Fifty Flowers)
  5. Lighter toned purple callas (via Fifty Flowers)Inspiration 2 - BM 

The idea is that my bouquet would be the more intense purple colour and the girls would have a lighter toned bouquet that will show up nicely with their deep purple dresses.  I love the variation in tone throughout all of the bouquets and I really think it will help each flower to stand out.  I had a really great feeling from florist number two, plus it is obvious from her portfolio that she has a really great eye for putting arrangements together. 

In fact, I’m so excited about flowers now that I want to see how I can fit floral centerpieces for the tables in our budget.  Maybe some nice bud vases like these?

table2Image via weddingbee

 Source 0415 Image by Evin Photography via Budget Savvy Bride

I love the idea of milk glass bud vases!  I haven’t found a place to get them super cheap around here, but I may have a back up plan…

What do you think of bud vases for centerpieces?  Did your consultation with your florist cause you to rethink your decorating strategy?


Unknown said...

I like the centrepiece ideas - you could easily do a mixture of little jars like bud vases, mason jars short little glasses with a floral head or two... Lots of cool ideas. You could even check Craigslist for other brides getting rid of their vase collections etc. Good luck!

k... said...

I'm loving the purple flowers. I'm getting ready to meet with florists. I might try that budget trick of yours.

Michelle said...

I love the variations in purple tones suggested by florist #2 and the idea of having your bouquet be more intense than the bridesmaids' bouquets. Do you mind posting who it is for others who are looking for a florist?

Runner Leana said...

No problem Michelle! Florist #2 is Quince Fine Florals.