Saturday, November 6, 2010

DIY-ing on a Friday Night!

Your FH has plans with the guys on Friday so what do you do?  Plan to DIY!  How does it go?

  1. First you get home, sit down on the couch and watch a bit of Sister Wives saved on your DVR.
  2. Decide to walk over to the grocery store to buy some sushi for dinner.IMGP2661
  3. Chat with your parents on Skype for like an hour about many things work and wedding related.Video call snapshot 5
  4. Finally decide that it is time to get a move on.
  5. Move all of the milk glass collecting on your dining table to one end.IMGP2666
  6. Pour yourself a beer.IMGP2669
  7. Assemble all your materials.  Try to decide if you want a peony or a rose hair flower.IMGP2671
  8. Cut away for awhile, then realize it is getting late, so call it quits.  Head downstairs and fall asleep on the couch watching Sister Wives until your FH comes home later that night!

Do you DIY on a Friday night?


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

That sushi looks so yummy!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I love the photo play of your evening!

Sister Wives is also my guilty pleasure.

We did do some DIY but usually DH helped!! He is the creative one!