Thursday, October 14, 2010

Meet the parents

This past weekend it was Thanksgiving up here in Canada.  My parents were back in town for the holiday weekend.  Thankfully dress shopping was now out of the way, so this was a great opportunity to arrange a “meet the parents.”

FH’s parents are divorced so the meet was split into two parts.  On Friday we went over to his dad and girlfriend’s house.  FH’s brother was also there.  We had a really fun night full of great conversation.  FFIL cooked up a great roast beef and some homemade Saskatoon berry pie.

On Saturday we met up with FMIL for lunch at Brewsters in Airdrie.  She lives about two hours away from Calgary so Airdrie seemed like the best compromise.  Lunch was nice, and it gave us a bit of a chance to fill FMIL on some of the things we have planned for the wedding so far.

Parents meeting parents?  Success!  I think FH was a bit nervous about the meet up but everyone got along really well.

As for the rest of Thanksgiving?  It was awesome!  FH suggested that we brine our family turkey in bourbon (Wild Turkey to be exact).  The birdie sat in bourbon from Friday evening until it was roasted on Sunday.  Wow…yum!  The meat was so flavourful.  I think this was the first time ever that we actually were fighting over the dark meat as it had just a touch more bourbon flavour. 

My mom has declared FH’s technique a new family tradition!  Considering that our family hangs on to our traditions pretty strongly, this is huge!  We’ve been having the same foods for Thanksgiving and Christmas for as long as I can remember.  No wavering.  There was one year my SIL cooked a turkey here in Calgary.  She omitted the bacon from the top, a family favourite!  Oh boy, she might have been given a hard time about that… 

Did you blend family traditions at big holidays after you got engaged?

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Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I remember being nervous about our families meeting after we got engaged. It went well though. My dad didn't meet DH until 2 days before the wedding! He lives in a different province...

Blending family traditions... most of our blended family traditions are Christmas related. Takes some compromise since we both want to carry on the traditions from when we were little.