Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Brock House Wedding Show

One of the bonuses of having our engagement photos in Vancouver this weekend was that we were able to go to the Brock House Wedding Show!  This would give us a chance to check out our venue again, taste some appetizer and cake samples and meet some vendors.  FH was a good sport and tagged along for the event.  Thanks FH!  IMGP2415 It helped to answer a lot of questions I was having so it was definitely a useful afternoon.  There was so much going on with hair styling and lash extensions taking place upstairs…a fashion show…the place was hopping!

DJ Services

Because the Brock House is an old heritage house we have a restriction on who we can use for DJ services. 

Namely we have one DJ that we can use. 

Hot Hit Productions.  I’ve e-mailed back and forth with the owner, but now we were able to meet and talk about things a bit more.  We can book a 7 hour package that will take us right through from the ceremony to shutting down the reception at 1 am.  They have a wide catalogue of songs we can choose from and we can detail what songs we want for what events, write up a do not play list, and even bring an iPod if there is anything that we want that might not be available in their catalogue.  I’ll be honest, I’m not that wild on only have one choice for a DJ, although I suppose it helps to narrow down our options since we are booking from afar.  We don’t want to have a DIY iPod reception so we would have booked them regardless.  At least now we’ve had a chance to talk to them in person before booking though.

Cake Tasting

We got to taste cake!  Sweet Thea was there with some super yummy cake bites….a rich chocolate with chocolate buttercream, and a light vanilla cake with the most amazing passion fruit puree filling.  Cannot wait for our official cake tasting later… IMGP2384IMGP2386

Appetizers, Desserts and Wine, oh my!

There were plenty of waiters with trays of passed appetizers.  Everything we tried was very tasty – salmon and avocado bites, goat cheese stuffed pickled peppers, and mini grilled cheese sandwiches.   IMGP2370 IMGP2372  And then we walked into the room with all of the desserts… IMGP2378IMGP2380 Oh my gosh…a decadent tiramisu.  Cream puffs.  Mini tarts.  Caramel apples.  Pudding cups.  Cheeses.  Oh yeah, you bet I tried the desserts out!  Plus, did I mention there was wine?  Peller Estates supplies the house red and white for the Brock House and we each received a complimentary glass.  The wine is definitely quaffable.IMGP2403All in all it was a fun event.  There were plenty of door prizes given out, all the brides received a flower from Flowerz, plus a gift bag from Jeweliette complete with a pair of pearl earrings. IMGP2413IMGP2558 

What are my final thoughts on the Brock House Wedding Show?

  • The event is definitely worthwhile if you are planning on getting married at the Brock House.  Since we had an event booked already we received one complimentary ticket.  FH’s ticket was $45 at the door though, so pretty pricey.  Given all of the food being served, plus the fact that there were adult beverages made the cost of the ticket a bit more understandable.  Since there are a limited number of vendors this wouldn’t be very useful if you were looking to meet several different florists, etc.
  • Know the vendors that you want to see.  I wanted to chat with the DJ and the cake suppliers so I made sure to suss them out and knew what questions I needed to ask.
  • Definitely stay to the end of the fashion show.  Wow, they were giving away some great prizes!  Free marriage commission services, gift cards to put towards flowers, hair, make up, cake…  Gift bags from The Bay…  Most of the women walked out with something it seemed like!
  • Don’t be afraid to come on an empty stomach.  Seriously…there was so much food available for tasting and it was all so good!
  • Bring a bag.  I brought my handy dandy purple bag and it was great to haul around my camera and it had plenty of room for stashing the gift bag and all the other flyers and business cards I managed to pick up. IMGP2499

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Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Sounds like a great wedding show!! The food all sounds delicious!

I love how you wore purple!!

In your last photo there is someone wearing a wedding dress- was that one of the fashion show models or was there actually a wedding going on at the same time? I also see a limo...