Thursday, October 7, 2010

Floral Inspiration

FH and I are off to Vancouver later this month for our engagement photos and I’m also trying to line up appointments with a few other vendors while we are out there.  I’m not sure when we will be out there after this, and my checklist on The Knot is telling me that this is the time to start my consultations with florists!

This is a tricky one for me!

Number 1 – I have no idea what a realistic budget for flowers is, but I know I’m not looking for a lot.  No fancy floral centerpieces or ceremony decorations.  Just bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages.  I guess what I can say is that my budget for flowers is pretty small…

Number 2 – Vancouver is a huge city and how do I narrow down the massive number of florists out there?  Who is going to be crazy expensive?  Who is good?  Who is going to understand my vision for wedding flowers and be able to put it into action at a reasonable price?

I’ve posted recommendations for florists on a few local wedding forums.  I’ve contacted one who has gotten rave reviews but I’m still waiting to hear back from her.  I do have an appointment set up with another great looking shop though, but ideally I’d like to meet with a couple different people.

So not only am I trying to find florists to meet with, I’m trying to figure out my floral vision in preparation for these consultations.  Corsages?  I’d love to do something different from a traditional pin on corsage, but my mom doesn’t want to carry anything in her hands.  Hmmm, I’m stumped.  As for boutonnieres?  The more research I do, the more I like the idea of a non-floral bout.  What do you think of some of these options? 

Origami?  Maybe I could make this myself…


How about a ribbon boutonniere?


What about buttons from etsy seller handmadebyemy?


Feathers?  I love this one from Canadian seller Pomp & Plumage on etsy…  So much awesomeness in this shop!


What about this one made out of moss from EcoLecticEvents on etsy?


The more non-floral bouts I see the more I love this idea.  Gotta run these by FH though….  Now if only I could find something as cool and unique for our mothers’ corsages!

Three questions for you!  Do you have any recommendations for a florist in Vancouver?  Do you have any suggestions for unique corsages?  Which of the bouts above is your favourite?

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Marlene said...

I LOVE those non-traditional bouts! What a nice touch!