Monday, October 18, 2010

Visiting the Land of Fabric

Also on my list of things to do on the other weekend was visiting fabric stores.  I was on the hunt for two different things.

First up?  Ribbon for invites.  I have a big idea in my brain for the invitations that I’m planning on DIYing.  I can’t wait to share what these invitations are going to look like!  I’ve already picked up almost all the materials to create a mock up, I just haven’t had a chance to pull it together yet.  I’m still looking for idea generation though!  For the closure on the invites I found this picture for inspiration from Paper Circle

Inspiration-Gallery-3cImage via Paper Circle’s Inspiration Gallery

I haven’t found any ribbon at Michaels that I liked so I wanted to see what other options existed at a fabric store.  I wasn’t sure what I was looking for, but I figured I would know it when I saw it.  Hmm, maybe not this one with the coins…DSCN4395I liked this narrow white ribbon with silver edging.  It is a good possibility.  DSCN4396

I also like the idea of baker’s twine though…

Oyster-1Image of Oyster Divine Twine via Whisker Graphics

From the ribbon I moved to looking at fabric possibilities for the bridesmaid dresses.  I wonder how the girls would feel about some fun fake fur?  DSCN4406 Or maybe some purple pleather?  No?  DSCN4397I love this oriental fabric but it doesn’t quite go with the style of the wedding.  DSCN4398The fabric I like the best is silk dupioni, but they didn’t have any in the colour I was looking for.DSCN4403There was definitely plenty of purple out there, but it was a silky kind of fabric that isn’t quite the look I’m going for.

So what look am I aiming for?  The girls and I all love these bridesmaid dresses from Alfred Sung.  In an effort to save some cash and because my mom is an uber-talented seamstress she’ll be making the dresses for us.  Thanks Mom!

D444Alfred Sung Style D444/Image via Toronto Dresses

D438Alfred Sung Style D438/Image via Toronto Dresses

I’m scoping out pattern books, but that is the inspiration!

What did you do for your bridesmaid dresses?


Danielle said...

Oh! I am using bakers twine for my invites (I actually have the color you have pictured).. I ordered WAY too much though, lol!

I'm having my bridesmaids dresses custom made to look similar to a enzoani love design that I feel in love with (but is unber expensive!) I love those alfred sung dresses you posted!

Meg said...

We found dresses at Sears Bargain Basement for $14/each! SCORE!

I love the ones you are having made!!

I was impressed with the ribbon at Walmart awhile ago. I heard a rumour they got rid of it, but it's worth a try.