Monday, October 4, 2010

A Question of Colour

Initially I thought I wanted a pretty simple colour scheme. 

Black and white.

As I started perusing wedding photos I saw the amazing shoes that brides are wearing.  The wheels started turning as I contemplated an awesome pair of shoes.  I may have a thing for shoes…  After all, who wouldn’t want to jump on the bandwagon after seeing some of these amazing shots (all courtesy of our fantastic photographers, Sakura Photography):

westcoast-wilderness-lodge-wedding-40Image via Sakura Photography

vancouver-public-library-wedding-6Image via Sakura Photography

What colour to pick?  That was easy since it became obvious that there is one colour I tend to gravitate towards.

I have a purple camera – the Nikon Coolpix S630

nikon-coolpix-s630-reviewImage via Lets Go Digital

Purple is one of my triathlon team’s colours…34508_10150197774710154_853790153_13602807_445966_n

Plus I already own several pairs of purple shoes (or shoes with a purple accent).  This is just a sampling!DSCN4374IMGP2244

I had it!  I really wanted a beautiful dark purple to accent things.  I think that a black/white/purple colour scheme really goes with our desire for an evening cocktail party type of atmosphere.

How did you decide on your wedding colour/s?  Was it an easy decision?


Meg said...

I wanted my hubs to have a say. He either wanted red and black (for a spring wedding!) or turquoise and silver. We went with the latter. LOL

Unknown said...

Pretty easy, black and white since the Valley of Fire desert backdrop provided all the color we needed.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Purple is a great choice!!
I always wanted a big bouquet of red roses (with crystals) so that's what my colour theme revolved around. Red, silver and black.

Marlene said...

We went with basic black and white with some silver accents. I think the purple will look stunning!