Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Getting Beautified

Mr. Gazelle and I wanted to get engagement photos taken, and  in preparation for that I needed a little help on the make up front!  I don’t wear a lot of makeup anymore and I figured if I was going to try and DIY my makeup for the engagement photos I could probably use a little tutorial.  I got home from work, changed out of my office clothes and snapped a picture of my typical look:DSCN4376The only thing I use on a regular basis is an eye shadow to darken my brows a bit.  Otherwise this is me, au natural!

My first stop was Sephora as I was interested in getting Dior’s Airflash Spray foundation.  I thought this seemed like a good idea to get that airbrushed foundation kind of look.  Luckily the lightest shade matched my skin tone and gave it a nice matte finish.  Just close your eyes, spray it on your face in a Z pattern, then even out and blend with a foundation brush or a sponge.

Next up I grabbed some mascara, Too Faced Lash Injection mascara.  It promises  to plump my lashes and make them nice and full, plus it is waterproof so I figure it is worth a try.  And finally, I got a freebie sample of Urban Decay’s Eye Shadow Primer Potion, to help my eye shadow last all day!IMGP2290Next up was MAC for some eye shadow and some help from an awesome gal named Val.  We picked out some eye shadow colours that would work well together, then she worked her magic.

What did we pick?  How about a couple of awesome shades from MAC’s Venomous Villains collection? IMGP2291IMGP2292I’m such a Disney nerd, I love the Evil Queen on the packaging!  I picked up Her Alter Image and Vile Violet.  I also got a third colour to round the look out, Beautiful Iris. IMGP2294 Powerpoint Eye Pencil in Permaplum, a waterproof and long wearing eye liner.IMGP2296 And lipstick in Patisserie, a nice neutral pink colour.IMGP2297How did it all come together?DSCN4382Sorry for the extreme close up!   Val used the middle purple shade over my entire lid, the darker purple along the crease and along the lash line, then the lightest purple underneath the brow bone.  Finished off with liner along the upper lid only.DSCN4387She definitely applied the shadow keeping in mind that I would be wearing glasses, and here is what it looks like with the specs.  What do you think?  I think she did a great job of making my eyes pop from behind my glasses.DSCN4384Did you decide to DIY your makeup and did you get a tutorial ahead of time?  Do you have any favourite make up products that a makeup illiterate person like myself should investigate?


Danielle said...

Oh my goodness gracious!! I have GOT to make a trip to a MAC counter because I loveeee Disney and that looks totally awesome! She did a great job on your makeup and I totally agree with you, your eyes do pop out!

Unknown said...

Sorry to be commenting on every post, but I always seem to have something to add! First off, eye shadow primer is the best stuff ever. It prevents you from getting those clumpy shadow lines in your crease. Second, I had my makeup done professionally but it was tough finding someone as I was doing it from a distance and online only! Anyhow, your eyes look good!

Just Me, T. said...
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Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I love MAC!! Almost all my eyeshadows are from there. Looks like I need to check out their new colours!
Thanks for the tip on eyeshadow primer- I never used to need it but all the sudden my eyelids are really oily. Gross!

You look so nice without makeup! Slightly jealous! Love what Val did though- really brings our your eyes, with and without glasses.
I have had my makeup done a bunch of times at various makeup counters- some good, some horrible. I did my own makeup for the engagement shots, but hired a pro for the wedding day.