Friday, October 22, 2010

The bag left behind…

Yesterday afternoon the FH and I booted it down to the Calgary airport to board our flight for beautiful, rainy Vancouver.  We made it to the airport early (90 minutes early to be exact) in the hopes that we could board the flight that left at 18:15 instead of 19:15.  Alas, there was only one seat left on the earlier flight so we checked in for our original flight, made our way through security, and passed the time at the Chili’s.


The flight went off without a hitch and we even landed in Vancouver a few minutes early.  To help save time I left FH by the baggage carousel to collect our things and I ran down to Avis to get our rental car.  It took awhile for me to get the car as the girl working at the counter was trying very hard to up sell me from a Hyundai Sonata to a Chrysler 300 (with leather seats and XM radio for your comfort!).  I stuck with the Sonata though, got the keys, but still no sign of FH.

I made my way back to the baggage carousels and there he was.  He had his suitcase and there were a few lone bags circling around.  As we stood there the carousel stopped. 

Really?  But my suitcase hasn’t arrived yet and our suitcases were checked in together!

I made my way to the Air Canada baggage claim desk and just as I got in line my phone rang.

“Um, hello…is Leana there?  Hi, this is Air Canada baggage at the Calgary airport.  We have your suitcase here in Calgary.”

What?  But I’m in Vancouver…

Well, when we checked in the claim tags were each put on a bag, however FH’s tag was put on my suitcase and my tag was put on his.  However FH does not have any identification tags on his bag (something that we talked about in the car on the way to the airport but then slipped our minds while at the airport).  I have three, all proclaiming my last name which is different from his (and on the claim tag).  Airport security flagged my bag and didn’t send it on my flight.

What really gets me is that at no point did baggage call me before the flight and we were there 90 minutes early.  Nor did baggage ask the plane crew to relay a message to determine whether the bag should be on the plane or not.  They just didn’t put the bag on the plane and didn’t contact me until it was too late for me to receive the bag that night.  So here it is, Friday morning…the day of our engagement photo shoot…and I have no clothes or toiletries.  All I know is that I’ll receive my bag sometime today.

So anyhow, FH and I did what anyone else would do.  We drove downtown, checked into our hotel, and then went to Bin 941 where hopefully good food and beverages would be able to ease our my sorrows.DSCN4420 DSCN4421Grilled lamb chops, tzatziki, greek salad, fried olives, spanakopita, lemon roast potato…so good!DSCN4417Piping Shrike Shiraz from Australia’s Barossa valley.

Keep your fingers crossed for me that my bag arrives soon!  Did you ever lose your suitcase at a very inopportune time?

*UPDATE* Yay, it is here!!!


Marlene said...

Oh, what a fiasco! Thank goodness it turned up in time! have fun with your engagement photos. Can't wait to see!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Ahh I always pack spare clothes in my carry on for THIS very reason!!

Usually when I go away for a weekend I just bring a small carry-on size suitcase so I don't have to worry about checking it in.

Airline lost DH's suitcase on our honeymoon... we went on a cruise so he didn't get it until the 2nd last day. Better his luggage than mine!

Glad you got your suitcase back!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Where did you got that amazing blingy headband?? LOVE it!

Unknown said...

Glad the bag arrived finally. The one and only time this happened to me, my bag ended up in Ft McMurray when I was in Regina. Good luck with your photos today, looks like the weather is holding out - I even heard they are expecting some sun this aft.

Meg said...

Glad it turned up! I was going to get excited for a shopping post if it didn't. LOL

Once my bag was FIVE DAYS late getting to Halifax for my trip home at Christmas. It actually had all of my presentation notes for a camp I was putting on (and had to cancel). I got it the day before I left to come back. Lovely.