Sunday, October 2, 2011

Where are you sitting?

Mr. Gazelle and I talked about all kinds of seating options for the wedding.  We contemplated designating tables for our parents but then leaving the seating for everyone else open.  I  then had visions of friends or family not being able to sit together if they weren’t on the ball about picking seats.  I figured they wouldn’t be too happy about that.  Coming up with a seating plan is one of the trickiest things in the end stages of wedding planning.  I quickly realized that while we maybe couldn’t make everyone happy it would be better in the long run to let everyone know where they were sitting.

So…what would be the best way to tell everyone?  I wasn’t feeling creative on designing escort cards.  Instead I decided personalized menus would be the way to go!  This way our guests would know what yumminess was waiting for them at the buffet and it would also let our gluten free guests know that we had special meals for them.

I picked up a few more sheets of the same gorgeous sparkly white paper that we used for our invitations from Paper Circle and some purple cardstock from Michaels.  I printed the menus off on our laser jet printer at home and assembled them one weekend with the help of my girlfriends.6-reception-024I used Travelling Typewriter and Pea Charmaine for the fonts.  Our coordinator then folded the napkins to be like little pockets for our menus.6-reception-023All together!6-reception-021It was a really simple project but I loved how it looked.

How did you decide to let your guests know where they were sitting, or did you decide to go with open seating?

*All photos courtesy of the supremely amazing Sakura Photography*


kristen said...

That makes so much more sense now. I had seen some shots of the menu in some of your other pictures and I wondered why they said Leana on them...and just Leana. But they were personalized... :)

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Great idea!! We did a big seating chart with people at designated tables. It was a headache but for the most part worked out fine. I just hate when people start requesting to be at a certain table, or NOT at a certain table.

Anonymous said...

beautiful ideas... every guest will feel as the most special.-.. and the letters for the tables? gorgeous!

Melinda said...

Very cute, but, um, I never noticed they were personalized! Yikes! Sorry. Guess I was distracted by my little tag-along that evening. Pretty none-the-less!