Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Where are you sitting?–Part 2

In conjunction with our personalized menus I wanted to create a seating chart to let our guests know which table they would be sitting at.

You may remember that we decided to letter our tables instead of numbering them and we spelled out “Me & You.”  We had a friend take pictures of us holding the letters that would be a part of the table centerpieces.IMGP3480I also had a frame that I had purchased from Pottery Barn years ago.  I had originally wanted to peel the labels off of wine bottles and put them in a frame.  When I found the peeling of labels trickier than expected the frame sat sad and unfinished for five years.IMGP3666Finally I had a new purpose for it!

I trimmed the photos and glued them on the same purple cardstock I used for our menus.  Time to check for layout and placement!IMGP3661I glued them on to a new piece of thick cardstock backing.  I then handwrote everyone’s names under the lettered table that they would be sitting at.

Here is the seating chart on display at our wedding:

6-reception-002Photo by the amazingly talented Sakura Photography

It was another really simple project, but it really tied all of the elements of our tables together.  From our milk glass, our centerpiece photos…

6-reception-016Photo by Sakura Photography

our letters…

6-reception-017Photo by Sakura Photography

and our personalized menus.

6-reception-020-editPhoto by Sakura Photography

What are you doing for your seating chart?

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Anonymous said...

Love the idea! I have no idea what we are doing for our seating chart. Probably something steampunk related.