Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Walking on Sunshine: We Arrive in Vancouver

After a few days in the interior of BC at my parents’ place for a bit of pre-wedding vacationing it was time to make our way to Vancouver. My folks decided to rent a big house just a couple of blocks away from the wedding venue and it was large enough for both Mr. Gazelle, myself, my brother, sister-in-law, niece and our best man to stay at too.

It was one of the best decisions ever (good call mom!) as it was nice to have a home base as opposed to being in a hotel.

We were all supposed to arrive in Vancouver on Tuesday, but the morning we were to set off my mom said that she had way too much work left to do on the bridesmaids’ dresses. They wouldn’t be able to leave until a few days later, but we had to leave for Vancouver right away since I had my makeup trialscheduled for the next day.

With plans up in the air Mr. Gazelle and I drove down to Vancouver and arrived at the house. We decided to head out to dinner, just the two of us, and indulge our Top Chef geekiness. We had eagerly been following Top Chef Canada and the show had crowned its first winner the night before – Dale McKay of Ensemble in Vancouver. We figured this was a good opportunity to check his restaurant out.

We got gussied up…...and enjoyed a Fois Gras Sundae......and some black cod in a Thai broth......and a very yummy souffle.

Did you have any curveballs the week of your wedding? What did you do?

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Walking on Sunshine: Pre-Wedding Vacation

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