Sunday, October 23, 2011

Walking on Sunshine: We Rehearse

On a blustery morning we got together to rehearse! We couldn't rehearse at our actual venue since there was an event going on. Instead we all met up on the other side of the fence at Jericho Beach early on a Friday morning.
Our amazing marriage commissioner ran through the bones of the ceremony and told us all where to stand and what to do.
This was also a great chance for our niece and flower girl to practice waving her "Here Comes the Bride" flag. My dad helped her with her timing. :)
She did great! She got a little shy at the end and ran the last part of the "aisle" to her mom.
Soon it was my turn to walk down the "aisle" with my dad. It really hit me - Mr. Gazelle and I were getting married soon!
I had brought a little stereo with our ceremony tunes saved on my iPod. When the Vitamin String Quartet's version of Coldplay's Yellow came on the emotions welled up inside.
I met my soon-to-be-husband at the end of the aisle with Jericho Beach and the gorgeous Burrard Inlet in the background. Unfortunately BM-D wasn't able to make it out for the rehearsal but my friend Pam (who would also be doing a reading for us) stood in for her.
*photo by Brother Gazelle*
Did I mention that it was really windy out? I hoped that the weather would be nicer for our wedding day in two days time!
We got to practice putting rings on.
Soon it was time to practice our recessional. Brother Gazelle was playing DJ for us with the tunes. I'm pretty sure when this picture was taken he was asking me, "Walking on Sunshine? Are you sure this is the right song? Is that what you really chose?"
"Yes!" we shouted.
The music started up and we made our way back up the aisle.
We couldn't help but boogieing.
The rehearsal made it all seem so real - we were getting married soon! Feeling as ready as we would ever be for Sunday it was time to eat!
Were you unable to rehearse at your actual venue? What did you do instead?

*Unless otherwise noted all photos courtesy of our friend David Murchison*

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Saying I do said...

good idea to play the music that will be playing..def. makes it feel more real i'm sure!