Sunday, October 23, 2011

Walking on Sunshine: Our Rehearsal Lunch

After our rehearsal on the beach it was time for lunch!  One of the tricky things about planning a wedding outside of our hometown was figuring out where we could go for a rehearsal lunch or dinner.  I searched for a space with private dining rooms and the ability to select a set menu to keep our costs in check.  It was tough.

When my mom suggested renting a house near our venue it changed everything.  We'd have a big enough place that we could host a lunch at the house and keep the budget reasonable by making our own food and providing our own alcohol.  Brilliant!  After our blustery rehearsal we got back to the house and hung out on the patio.
We also got out our photobooth props to see if they would be any fun for use on the big day.
I think they were a hit!  In the meantime, our amazing parents were hard at work helping to make lunch.
Brother Gazelle took a moment to work on some of his Master of Ceremonies material.
We also practiced some of our dance moves!
Soon lunch was ready!  We had cedar planked salmon.
 And beef tenderloin with a chimichurri sauce.
 Along with plenty of salads.
And some wine!
Good times!
After a delicious lunch it was time for cake.
I had ordered a cake from Notte's Bon Ton Bakery, an old family favourite shop.  Mr. Gazelle and I used the opportunity to practice our joint cake cutting skills.
 *Photo courtesy of Brother Gazelle*
Someone was keeping a keen watch on the cake...
I think everyone left thoroughly stuffed.  We had a great casual lunch where everyone was able to relax.  I'm so glad that it worked out this way!

What are you planning for your rehearsal meal?  Are you having one?  Would you want to host one yourself or let a restaurant take care of everything?

*Unless otherwise noted all photos courtesy of our friend David Murchison*

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Saying I do said...

that's such a fantastic idea! Kudos to mom for thinking of it! I love how everyone pitched it and how relaxing it seemed...perfect!