Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Walking on Sunshine: Let's Hike Up a Mountain!

The majority of our wedding guests were from outside of Vancouver. I really hoped that everyone who traveled to our wedding would be able to enjoy some of the great things the city had to offer. For those who were up for a bit of a challenge I organized a group hike on Thursday morning up the Grouse Grind - one of my favourite things to do in Vancouver!
Eight intrepid explorers set out to hike the Grind on a day where the clouds hung low over the mountains.
The hike isn't exactly a beautiful or easy hike. Grouse Mountain is a local ski hill and the Grind takes the tough way up the mountain where most everyone else takes a gondola up.
The Grind is 1.8 miles long and you gain 2,800 meters along the way.
The locals lovingly refer to it as Mother Nature's Stairmaster.
Picture from Cousin MB
Back when I had initially proposed this as a wedding week activity my brother decided to turn it into a competition. He was determined to beat me up the mountain! Within about five minutes he had taken off out of sight and he definitely arrived at the top well ahead of me. Way to go Brother Gazelle!

Shortly we were hiking within the clouds and it was crazy humid out there.
Picture from Cousin MB
It was a tough hike but it was a great way to spend the morning with family and friends. Mr. Gazelle and I stuck together...and here we are at the top! You couldn't see a thing!
On a nice day this is the usual view that greets you at the top of Grouse Mountain.
We all grabbed a bite to eat at the cafeteria at the top after our tough hike, then it was time to catch the gondola down.
When planning your wedding, have you thought about creating a group activity for your guests leading up to the big day? Would you propose a hike up a mountain?

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