Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Shave and a Haircut–2 Bits

There is a lot of talk about everything the bride needs to do to get ready on the day of the wedding.  Manicures, pedicures, hair, make up…  What about the men?

Mr. Gazelle decided he wanted to do something special to make himself look his best on the day of our wedding.  He and the Gazelle Groomsmen are going to Momentum Grooming in Vancouver for a straight razor shave.

Straight-Razor-shave-1024x881Image via Atomic Toasters

store199cropImage via Momentum Grooming

A straight razor shave is the manly men’s version of a facial.  It is a bit of a dying art sadly and there aren’t many barber shops that still do straight razor shaves.  So far Mr. G hasn’t had any luck finding a place in Calgary.

shaveImage by Charles J. Van Schaick/Wisconsin Historical Society/via Art of Manliness

They get hot towels, and they get lather, lotions and tonics.  Apparently it is very relaxing.  The one time Mr. G had a straight razor shave he said it was the closest shave he’s ever had.  So why should the girls be the only ones who treat themselves to pampering to prep for the wedding? 

Is your groom doing anything special to get ready on the morning of the wedding?


Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

My hubby and I were in our best friends' bridal party last year and the guys all had a straight shave at a shop downtown Calgary.

I asked him which one and he can't remember the name so if you want it I can try to find out from one of the other guys where it was.

Saying I do said...

Fantastic idea! Love it!