Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Tale of Two Rings

I’ve been hyperventilating a bit this week.  We ordered the less expensive version of Mr. Gazelle’s wedding band off the internet.  It was now in the hands of USPS and Canada Post and was scheduled to arrive in the first week of June.  And Canada Post served notice to strike later this week.  I had visions of Mr. Gazelle’s second wedding band sitting in some postal facility for months on end, well past our wedding day.  Would his ring arrive in time?

Imagine my relief when the ring showed up in our mail box yesterday, just in the nick of time!IMGP3456The more expensive ring is on the left, the less expensive ring is on the right.  There are some subtle differences – like the titanium carbide is slightly brighter and shinier on the cheaper ring.  Overall the differences aren’t big enough to ignore that there is an 87% difference in price between the two rings.

Did you find a better deal on a wedding band after you already purchased it?

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Laura said...

The cheaper the better. In fact, I say curtail the rings altogether. You can now put that savings to better use.