Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sign our Guestbook!

We decided to create a guestbook with engagement photos.  We thought is would be a great combination of our favourite photos coupled with well wishes and advice for a long and happy marriage from our loved ones.  I picked up a Groupon for Photobook Canada ages ago and I’ve been holding on to it for just this purpose.  There were so many styles to choose from, but we went with the Guest Book.

The guest book has an image wrapped hard cover and the pages are a lovely textured and heavy 170 gsm paper.IMGP3520We went with a 12 x 12 guest book, so it is definitely a great size!  IMGP3523The software was fairly straightforward to use and I spent a full evening designing the book.IMGP3524I found the printed colours to be very true.  They are just as vibrant on the original pictures from Sakura Photography.IMGP3528I tried to leave some white space on almost every page so that our guests could leave well wishes next to the photos.IMGP3531IMGP3534I think the quality is fantastic.  It looks so professional!IMGP3535I created a sign using Pea Aimee from Fonts for Peas.  “Please sign our guestbook…and leave us words of advice for a long and happy marriage!”  I also picked up a few Le Pens by Marvy from Michaels.  These pens are great – the ink is nice and saturated and it is smudge free.  They fit perfectly in a milk glass vase I already picked up.IMGP3521What did you decide to do for a guestbook?

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Kamie said...

Love it! What a great way to utilize your engagement photos!!