Sunday, June 26, 2011

Framing It

Way back before Christmas I was scouring kijiji to look for potential wedding decor.  I found these pieces of awesomeness for $5 a piece.IMGP2768Gold painted wood frames!

Gold wasn’t quite the style I was going for so Mr. Gazelle used Kilz latex primer directly on top of the gold paint.  He tried to sand the frames, but it was taking some of the detail away.  Instead he primed and wiped some of the paint away with a J-cloth.  He then painted two coats of an antique white semi-gloss (Martha Stewart’s Talc), wiping off a bit to expose some of the gold paint below.IMGP3618We wanted to turn a couple of the frames into chalkboards so I purchased 8 x 10 artist canvas at Michael’s at some black spray chalkboard paint.  After a couple of coats we were good to go!  I then glued them inside the wood frames with wood glue.IMGP3620I picked up a pretty mug to hold chalk and an eraser.IMGP3627Overall a simple project but these will be a lot of fun as props for photos at the wedding!

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