Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tapering for the Wedding

Holy smokes Hive…we are less than two weeks away from the Gazelle wedding! How is this happening so fast? I have to tell you, the run to the end is a strange and crazy time. Planning a wedding feels very similar emotionally to training for a marathon.

When you train for a marathon it is something that you have been working towards for months. Then in the final two weeks you ramp your activity down to let your body rest up and gain energy for race day. You have all of this energy just waiting to be released so you are buzzing around, jittery and emotional in those final two weeks before the marathon. This phenomenon is commonly known as taper madness.

Well my friends, I have taper madness for the wedding. My mind is going in a million different directions. I'll be engrossed in work but then I'll quickly remember that oh my gosh, I need to make sure I pack a getting ready outfit! What am I going to wear on the plane to our honeymoon? I better remind Mr. Gazelle to find his birth certificate!

I am also feeling emotional and dare I say it, perhaps slightly irritable? There is one couple who still hasn't been able to confirm if they are coming to our wedding or not. Logically I know and understand the reasons for why they haven't been able to commit yet. Emotionally I'm really bothered by it as I think, "How could they not know a week and a half out? How am I going to get the seating chart done before we leave for Vancouver?" So while things like this shouldn't bother me (because surely I can figure out the seating chart regardless of if they can come or not) I find that they are. Perhaps not helping is the fact that work is CRAZY right now, so that adds on a good amount of stress.

Luckily Mr. Gazelle has seen my taper madness through training for a few marathons (and probably training for Ironman last year was the worst), so he is a good sport. He just tries to be a calming influence and offers to give me foot rubs. And truthfully, looking at my to-do list I realize just how much we've completed and ticked off in the last few weeks and how little is left to do. So we are getting there…

Are you in the last few weeks of wedding planning? Are you experiencing taper madness too? Please tell me I'm not alone!

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Melinda said...

How about tapering for our vacation to see you guys? LOL! I really can't wait! We leave in 4 days!!! I'm thinking we may HAVE to bring Autumn to your ceremony just to see you in your beautiful dress (which I just have to imagine since you haven't shared it with me yet!). She's pretty obsessed with "princesses" right now :-).