Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Numbering…er…lettering the tables

We decided to do something a little different to number our tables.  We love the Zinc Letters at Anthropologie

77415_zin_bimage via Anthropologie

How to incorporate letters instead of numbers?  I thought about picking a letter from different cities we visited together, but then we’d end up with a random mish mash after the fact.  It would be better if we could pick some letters that would be fun to display afterward.

And oh yeah, we will have six tables at our reception, so we needed six letters that don’t repeat.  We decided to go with “ME & YOU.”

I procured the letters from Anthro, but I wanted to do something a bit more with them besides just plunking the letter on the table.  I enlisted the help of a friend to take some pictures of Mr. Gazelle and I holding each letter.IMGP3489In case you are wondering, yes we totally coordinated the colour palette of our outfits.  LOL!IMGP3497And we took some close up pictures of the letters.IMGP3487There may have been a little goofing around…IMGP3506Then we put the whole phrase together.IMGP3507I put the pictures in the TOLSBY frames from IKEA – a picture of the letter on one side, a picture of the whole phrase on the other.  All together with the letters and our milk glass bud vases.IMGP3537IMGP3543IMGP3545IMGP3547I’m so happy with this project!  I think that all together with some flowers in the bud vases it will look great!  I also have a plan in mind for our seating chart to tie it all together.

Did you decide to do something a little different to number your tables?


teacherwoman said...

That's such a cute idea! I have done very little planning for decorating ideas and always looking for fun and different ideas. We will have a huge guest list.. of 500 or more. Yikes.

Kamie said...

O my goodness how cute!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

What a great idea!!! I love the pictures you had taken with each letter! Super fun!

Love your dress and sweater! I try to colour coordinate (or at least not clash) with my hubby when we are getting pictures taken! Nothing wrong with that!

Laura said...

Both creative and unique way to incorporate some Anthro love. So jealous! The Pariaso Dress just didn't fit me very well. Coordinated outfits? You are a riot dear Anthro Sister.