Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fondue and Pianos - The Stagette

Saturday was a night I was eagerly anticipating – my stagette (i.e. my bachelorette party)! I had no idea what was planned, I had just asked the girls to keep it classy and they told me I was to be ready by 4:30 pm.

We started the evening off at the Laurier Lounge, a fondue restaurant in a

100 year old heritage home in downtown Calgary.

Image via Open Table

I was excited since I’ve never had a chance to try this place before! I met my friends in a room upstairs and found this awesome sash waiting for me.

Yup, that’s right, Bride to Bling!

Everyone was dressed up and looked beautiful.

We had cheese and wine.
And we played the “Guess the Panties” game. All the girls brought a pair of panties and I had to guess who brought which pair. There may have been sips of wine involved depending on whether my guesses were correct or not. Many thanks to the girls for all of the gorgeous new pairs of undies!!

After enjoying the beef, seafood and chocolate fondues it was time to head on to our next destination – the Aussie Rules Dueling Piano Bar! I’ve never really been to a dueling piano bar, but wow we had a good time!
BM-D brought along an inflatable guitar which was seriously the hit of the night.
We also had glow sticks!
We lucked out and had a ton of our requests played – Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing, Bohemian Rhapsody, Walking on Sunshine…so many good tunes. There was singing and dancing…
and plenty of goofy pictures…
I closed out the night with a trip to Tubby Dog for a Cheetah Dog with sauerkraut, cheese, mustard and relish.
Boy it sure was tasty.
And messy!
And then my camera battery died! Many thanks to all of the girls for an amazing night out. I couldn't have imagined a better evening out with my friends. You all are the best.
And many thanks to MOH-T and BM-D for all of their hard work organizing this!
What did you do for your stagette? Was it a surprise?


Anonymous said...

Wow! That looks like a fun time! I admit, I don't like hotdogs, but yours looks yummy! I think I just gained 10 pounds by looking at it though.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Looks like a super fun night!! Have never been to Aussie Rules but I hear it is a blast! Sure looks like it based on your pictures!!

My stagette wasn't a surprise. We went to Cowboy's... it was fun.

Saying I do said...

omg I want to go to a dueling piano bar so bad! I can't even believe I've never been to one since I play piano...annnd live in NYC! shame on me...looks like so much fun!