Friday, June 10, 2011

Can there be too many spreadsheets?

As we get closer and closer to wedding day my instinct to start making lists kicks in.  During times like these I have those moments of “I must remember this!” but my brain is going in a million different directions so I promptly forget.

Enter Google Docs.  It is awesome for creating spreadsheets that I can then access on my home or work computer or on my phone.  Plus I can share them with other people which helps get around people having a different version of Excel (or perhaps no Excel at all).  I’ve created a timeline and shared it with our Day of Coordinator and photographer for feedback.  I’ve created a list of DIY projects left to do and ranked them by importance and ease of the project (so if anything is less important and too difficult it can fall off the list).  I’ve even started creating a list of things to pack.  The last time I went on a trip without making a list I packed way too many tops (that didn’t actually go with anything) and I did not pack enough underwear.  Enough said.

Yesterday I was driving home listening to some tunes and thinking about whether this song would be a good one to play at the reception, and oh my gosh, we have to play Dire Straits’ Romeo and Juliet because I love that song! 

I need to create a spreadsheet as soon as I get home!

As soon as I was home I excitedly told Mr. Gazelle my idea.  He looked at me and said, “You know Miss Gazelle, I know you are an engineer, but there may be a thing as too many spreadsheets.”

Really?  Can there ever be too many spreadsheets?

Are you somewhat forgetful like me and therefore a chronic list maker?


Meg said...

Je ne comprends pas. Too many lists? Never heard of such a thing. :)

Keith said...

Don't listen to him. No such thing as too many spreadsheets. There are times xl pisses me off, because it is stupid about dates, or rather, they tried to pander to all those people that think about dates wrong. Lists are good. I once even had a list of lists, and no, that wasn't for when I got married. Besides, you shouldn't need much underwear on this trip, unless, but no, that's delving into TMI.

k... said...

Spreadsheets are awesome! Lists are superb! The more the merrier so keep 'em coming.

Saying I do said...

you find the BEST music! How have I never heard this song before? Thanks for sharing!

there can never be enoouuugggh spreadhseets! :)