Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Wedding Day Timeline

We have a long weekend here in Canada so I have a plan to knock out a lot of wedding related tasks over the three day weekend.  We have less than 60 days left to go, so there is no time for fooling around!

My big task last night was tackling our wedding day timeline.  I started with the Wedding Day Planner in Google Docs which was a great template.  I took out the things that didn’t pertain to us and put in my own times for when flowers are to arrive or when vendors have access to our site.  I also tried to think about the photos we wanted to have done, how long did I think they would take, and when in the day should we schedule them?

The biggest glitch I had was figuring out how the reception should be structured.  We go straight from the ceremony to cocktail hour and then straight inside the Brock House for the reception.  Do we have a few toasts before dinner or do we get started on eating right away?

Who toasts?  The Best Man, our Maid of Honour….do our fathers toast?  And since Mr. Gazelle’s parents are divorced Father-in-Law Gazelle can’t really speak for Mr. Gazelle’s mom so then what?

So then we are done with dinner and toasts…when do we cut the cake and do our first dance?  FYI, dancing is in the same room as the buffet so I don’t think we can do our dance before dinner which I know is popular right now.  And do you know that if you Google “when to cut the wedding cake” the majority of your results will be “how to cut the wedding cake”?  No worries, I’m sure Mr. Gazelle and I can figure out how to cut the cake!

Do you have any tips on toasts, particularly with divorced parents?  Or suggestions on when we should cut the cake in relation to our first dance?  How did you come up with a wedding day timeline?


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Whoops deleted my post when I tried to edit. Anywho. . .I'm totally starting to think about the time for those things now. I just bought this book called "best wedding reception ever" for the timelines. I was also thinking of asking our catering director for ideas on timing to see what's worked best in her experience.

Heather said...

You could cut the cake a little while after the first dance... that way people can slow dance a bit, eat cake, then fast dance off the cake!

We did a straight through wedding too, ceremony, then toasts, then eat, then party. And we didn't "cut the cake". We just ate it when we felt like it.

If you're having lots of toasts, it's nice to intersperse them with the dinner, that way you aren't bored with an hour of toasts in a row.

Just a few suggestions!

OH, and plan for a LONG time for photos. If you use all the time, great, and if not, at least you planned for it. You don't want to miss out on some important photos because you are running late!

Laura said...

Dear Leanna! I'm sure glad I went to Tahoe and left the timing for everything to Harvey's Resort Hotel. I'm not sure I have your nerves of steal. I was more into planning the wedding attire. It was probably the easiest and most perfect wedding day ever. If only the groom had been a little less unperfect. I would still be married.

I know you will figure this all out. Wish I could see you get married. After the wedding would be the perfect time to start your style blog. I want to be your first Follower.

Don't worry about commenting back. Concentrate on finalizing the arrangements.