Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Making Scents

I knew I wanted to buy a new perfume especially for my wedding day.  I will admit that my initial approach to choosing a scent was not quite the best way.  I was interested in trying was Miss Dior Cherie – not because I thought it would be right for me but because I’d heard about it and wanted to try it.  Yup, call me a sucker for advertising.

P133401_heroImage via Sephora

Luckily I played it smart before I bought it.  On a recent trip to the mall I popped into Sephora, sprayed the perfume on my wrists and walked away.  For the rest of the afternoon I kept sniffing and seeing how the scent developed and if I liked it.  It was the only scent I tried on, so my nose was not confused by any other scents.  After several hours I knew I still loved it so I picked the perfume up later.

On a Friday night Mr. Gazelle and I were at the mall after scoping out wedding bands.  I dragged him into Sephora as there was another perfume I wanted to smell.  Before we got to the scent of interest Mr. Gazelle got side-tracked by a big flat screen TV on the wall.  What on earth?  A super helpful sales associate came over and introduced us to Sephora’s Fragrance Finder.  The finder runs you through a series of questions to determine what type of scents match your personality the best.  Once you’ve determined your fragrance family it shows you what scents fall within that family and you can e-mail yourself notes on each perfume to help you remember it for later.  Considering your nose gets tired after about four scents this can help a lot!

I wound up really liking a perfume I never would have thought to try if I just would have sniffed the bottle.  Gucci by Gucci Eau de Parfum.

P206107_heroImage via Sephora

I’m not sure which scent I’ll pick on the big day yet.  The sales associate said that I needed to keep whatever my wedding day perfume is for wear on only the wedding day and for anniversaries.  I’m not sure that I want to save it for such special occasions in the future though!

Are you getting a special perfume for your wedding?  Which one?  And are you going to save it for your anniversaries only or do you want to be reminded of your wedding day a little more often?

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