Sunday, May 8, 2011

It’s Raining Chocolate Chips!

In anticipation of my tea party themed bridal shower my Maid of Honour wanted to know my favourite types of cookies.  My response?

There are so many variations on chocolate chip cookies!  Do you want them soft and chewy or more cake like?  In order to determine the best chocolate chip cookies my MOH decided we needed to do a chocolate chip cookie taste off!

She baked up a batch of Neiman Marcus chocolate chip cookies and a batch of Alton Brown’s Chew chocolate chip cookiesDSCN4984Let’s taste!DSCN4985We had a lot of family around the table to taste test, including my grandmother and my aunt who had flown in from BC just for the shower.DSCN4987DSCN4988My mom reaches for a cookie.DSCN4990After all was said and done we determined that the Neiman Marcus cookies were delicious, but they were really rich.  It felt like a meal in a cookie.DSCN4993Everyone loved Alton Brown’s cookies.  The decision was made!DSCN4996Huge thanks to my awesome MOH who baked her butt off to test cookies while she had major home renovations going on at the same time!!  Did you get to help determine the best recipe for an item at your bridal shower?

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