Sunday, May 29, 2011

Underneath It All

It is time to get alterations done on my dress which means figuring out what exactly I’m going to wear underneath it.  I decided to scope out the shapewear at Victoria’s Secret – specifically the bust minimizing strapless bra.  I may have mentioned that my dress didn’t zip up so I was curious what kind of effect this bra would have.  I put on my old standby strapless bra, measured the ol’ bust, put the tape measure in the purse and hightailed it to my closest Vickie’s.

My thoughts on the strapless minimizer?  I have never found a strapless bra that actually felt supportive.  It has underwire and is made out of a super stretchy supportive fabric.  It also has some strong elastic in the back that keeps things in place.  IMGP3424No saggy girls in this undergarment here.  As for its ability to minimize?  My bust measured exactly the same.  I still purchased it anyway for use with the wedding dress because it has to be the best strapless bra I’ve ever tried on.

As for the rest?  I was originally thinking about wearing a pair of my favourite Hanky Panky panties.  I have a pair in light blue that I bought way back in January that I have been saving in my underthings drawer.  For as much as I dislike the thought of wearing shapewear I may be changing my mind.  I’m thinking it might help to smooth things out a bit.  Maybe the Hug Me Tight High Waist Brief from Victoria’s Secret?  I’d like to not have to worry about sucking it in, but I am worried about being comfortable.  If it is hot, am I going to be boiling in all of this?

So ladies, please help me out!  Did you decide to go with shapewear to keep it all smooth, or did you go with regular skivvies?  What was your experience?  Do you have a great product to recommend?


Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I wore blue hanky pankies and just a regular strapless bra. Comfort was pretty inporrtant to me and it was pretty hot on my wedding day.

Unknown said...

Go for regular ol' panties for sure. With all of that dress, it'll hold everything in just fine and you'll appreciate the comfy panties.

Meg said...

I went with regular undies--pretty ones with "forever" written on the butt. But when I look at my photos, I wish I wore something with tummy control.