Friday, May 13, 2011

Time for Tea!

This past weekend the awesome Gazelle girls threw me a bridal shower!  If their phenomenal invitation was any indication, it would be quite the party.

My parents, my grandmother and my aunt all came out from BC just for the shower.  They worked so hard to get everything ready, along with my MOH and BM:

DSC00667at casa Gazelle the morning of the shower

I put on my best tea party dress and hat:

IMGP1580the Anthropologie Sing Sweetly Party Dress and hat from Chapel Hats

So many ladies got in the spirit of things and really dressed up.DSC00680IMGP1657

Tables were decorated with lace table cloths and old tea and biscuit tins held amazing flower arrangements.

IMG_6963Photo courtesy of Julie Browne

There were some amazing tea time treats laid out for us.  There was an assortment of chicken salad, egg salad, tuna salad, cucumber and mint and smoked salmon sandwiches.  Mr. Gazelle had been up until 2:30 am making an Earl Grey cheesecake.  BM-D made a purple velvet cake.  My mom had mini carrot cake cupcakes and cranberry scones that we enjoyed with clotted cream and preserves.IMGP1594

We also had plenty of tea to choose from – Earl Grey, spiced chai, peppermint and a rather boozy blueberry tea.IMGP1595Finally at the end of the table there was a cookie bar set up with an assortment of some of my favourite cookies – chocolate chip, homemade Oreos, Pims orange biscuits and shortbread. 

IMG_6962Picture courtesy of Julie Browne

Plus there was a huge surprise – lemon glazed sugar cookies in the shape of Mr. Gazelle’s and my silhouette!IMGP3333

Seriously, how cool are those?

We played a few games.  Everyone had to draw a picture of how they met me, then I had to guess who it was.IMGP1601MOH-T (my sister-in-law) and I had a good laugh remembering when and how we first met.IMGP1604By the way, how amazeballs is her fascinator?  I wish I had a better picture of it!

We also played a trivia game – how well do Mr. Gazelle and I know each other?  I kinda failed miserably as I only got 14 questions right out of 30!  Although really, Mr. G did not make the answers easy on me…

Just as we were wrapping up Mr. Gazelle walked in with a bouquet of flowers!  He was here to help me unwrap presents!IMGP1620Photographic evidence shows that Mr. Gazelle really enjoyed himself.IMGP1626Can you guess where we registered?IMGP1638-editMy awesome grandmother made this wonderful piece of lace for us by hand.DSC00675I was so overwhelmed and touched by how hard everyone worked to make this shower go off without a hitch.  My MOH had a vision and she definitely made it come to life!  To say thanks for all of the hard work I had some presents ready for them.  I may only have had Christmas wrapping paper in the house.DSCN5005IMGP1647With my grandmother, MOH-T, my niece (and flower girl), mom and aunt.IMGP1660

A huge thanks to the Gazelle girls because they absolutely rock.  I had an amazing time and felt so loved and lucky.IMGP1664

Tell me about your bridal shower!

Pictures courtesy of Papa Gazelle and Auntie M unless otherwise noted.


Sarah - said...

What a wonderful shower...they did an amazing job! And looked simply adorable!

kristen said...

What a cute shower! Great job to your ladies!

Laura said...

You look amazeballs Leana! Love that word! Your Sing Sweetly is the perfect shower Dress. All the gals in hats make for a lovely vintage photo. Mr Fiance is a cool one. I think I gained 5 pounds just ogling the cookie bar. Happy wedding to come! When is the big day?

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

What a wonderful shower!!! I adore the theme and the hats looked great on everyone!!

Do you know where your MOH bought her fascinator? I am looking for one for my cousin's wedding and of course I don't have time to order one online as the wedding is a week away.

Those cookies are adorable!! That takes talent!