Monday, May 23, 2011

Lord & Lady of the Rings

The Gazelles ticked another big item off the to-do list – we got our wedding bands!  With less than 2 months to go I think we cut things a bit close but we managed to luck out.

See, the thing is, we put off buying our wedding bands for so long because we were waiting for the Tiffany & Co. jewellery store to open up here in Calgary.  I was pretty sure I wanted a simple platinum band that matched the band on my engagement ring.  DSCN4344Well…I trotted on down to the new store within the first week of opening, tried on the wedding band and I just didn’t love it.  Instead I fell in love with a circle of thin diamonds that was way out of our price range.

Since I found the look that I loved I tried to see if I could find it for less.  We lucked out at Calgary JewelleryIMGP3392It was the perfect ring, at the perfect price, and in the perfect size.  Want to see it again?IMGP3397And here it is with my engagement ring…IMGP3409We lucked out that the ring in the case just happened to be in my size.  If we would have had to order a ring we might have had a tough time getting it in time for our July wedding.  So Hive, don’t do what I did – don’t put off the search for your wedding band for too long!IMGP3408As for Mr. Gazelle?  He decided to go for a tungsten carbide ring with a carbon fibre accent.  It looks very cool and very manly and modern!IMGP3414We also lucked out in that the standard size rings in most of the jewellery store just happened to fit Mr. Gazelle.  He’s definitely very happy with the style of his ring.IMGP3422The only thing is I was Googling for an image of the ring to show BM-D…and…I found it online for significantly less!  We ordered the other ring, we’ll compare it to the original ring and probably return the more expensive ring.

Did you almost wait too long to buy your wedding bands?  Did you find your ring online for a lot less than what you originally found it for?


audgepodge said...

Love both your ring choices! So excited for you guys :D

Anonymous said...

Lovely ring choices! We haven't looked at all yet...I know Adam wants something with a celtic knot design. I may go with a simple band to save $$, but am also tempted by a band like your gorgeous one as that would match my engagement ring!

Keith said...

Let's see. When we married Linda used a family heirloom ring. I worked in a place where my hands were going into tight places, plus I was a bit leery of rings in general given a certain incident with a snowmobile clutch. the big reason I didn't have a ring on the big day was that I had not seen one that I liked.
Then 3 or 4 years later on a trip to California I saw the one. It was a hand made Celtic knot ring. Only problem was that it was a bit big. I figured I could always get it resized. Then I gained lots of weight. Then lost lots of weight. After a couple scares, 20 some years after purchase I finally chopped two ring sizes out, and the guy polished it to boot.. So cheap.. Should have done it many years ago..
Mr. Gazelles ring is cool!

Saying I do said...

excellent choices, gorgeous and handsome!