Thursday, April 7, 2011

Yummy, yummy, in our tummies

We had a few short hours between our cake tasting and our meal tasting at the Brock House.  I hoped that we would have enough time to digest all of our cake prior to our meal!

The Brock House has a set amount of days in a month when they hold tastings, although since we would have to fly in they would have worked to accommodate us on a different day if need be.  We could have up to four people at the tasting with everyone getting a salad or a soup, one main course and a dessert.  In order for us to try some additional dishes my parents were kind enough to meet us in Vancouver.

Mr. Gazelle and I already know what buffet package we’ll be picking, so we wanted to try whatever dishes we could from that menu.  First up, the salads!  We tried a simple but delicious house salad, Caesar salad, seafood salad and a mushroom and asparagus salad.

IMGP3134IMGP3135IMGP3132IMGP3133We’ll get all of these on our buffet, plus a tomato and bocconcini so no decisions needed to be made here.  They were all super tasty though!

We then get two choices for a carving station from our options of a roasted leg of lamb, prime rib and honey glazed duck.  We couldn’t try the carving station options exactly but we were able to taste a duck dish that I imagine might be somewhat similar.IMGP3140The duck was amazing!  It was cooked beautifully and so delicious.  For our second option we will most definitely be choosing lamb since Mr. Gazelle and I are both huge fans of lamb.

Next up we have our choice of two hot entrees.  Mr. Gazelle isn’t keen on chicken so we scoped out our seafood and vegetarian options instead.  First up, baked maple glazed wild salmon.IMGP3142I’ll be honest.  The salmon wasn’t amazing, but I’m chalking that up to the fact that fresh salmon isn’t available right now.  I think it will be a completely different ballgame in July.

Next up, our vegetarian option of mushroom ravioli.IMGP3143Hmm, the ravioli was okay.  It is our only vegetarian option and we already get a mushroom risotto on our buffet so I’m not sure what to do here.

Finally we had halibut in a honey coriander sauce.  IMGP3138Hands down, this was the best of the night.  We all absolutely loved it.  Initially it wasn’t a dish I would have even thought to taste. 

So we know we want the halibut, it is the second dish that presents a bigger dilemma.  The ravioli as a vegetarian dish didn’t blow us away and with so many salad and side dishes on the buffet there will be plenty of options for anyone that doesn’t eat meat.  A lot of my family is very keen on salmon so I know it would be a popular choice.

Did you face any big dilemmas after your food tasting?


Saying I do said...

wow! that all looks amazzzing. I'd say go with the salmon. That's such a classy thing to serve and if the price doesn't change serving ravioli or're deeef. getting what you paid for by providing salmon. People shouldn't be picky eaters anyway!! ;)

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Everything looks so delicious!! Amazing presentation also. Your dinner is going to be unforgettable.