Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Inspiring the Invitations

Mr. Gazelle and I perused a bunch of invitations online but we didn’t find anything that we really loved.  That meant that I would definitely try to DIY them, I just needed to get inspired. 

My first source of inspiration was courtesy of the awesome Ms. Stripes.  I fell in love with her bicycle motif envelope liners:

61Image via Ms. Stripes

Envelopes would most definitely have to be lined!  I found some awesome bicycle scrapbooking paper at Michaels that would be perfect.IMGP2260

Next up, my MOH passed along a ton of crafting supplies in case they would come in hand with our invitations.  Included were these little guys.IMGP3299

What on earth could I do with them?  While shopping for paper supplies I found this inspiration photo on Paper Circle:

Inspiration-Gallery-3cImage via Paper Circle’s Inspiration Gallery

As for the meat of the invitation itself, I found my inspiration at a local bridal expo in the fall.

DSCN4304I loved the simplicity of it.  The whimsy in the fun font.  The fact that you let your guests know right away that the day you are getting married on is a happy day.  I also loved that it was square.

With all of these elements in mind I purchased some supplies from Paper Circle so I could create a mock up to see how it would all come together.  Stay tuned because we’ll be revealing the Gazelle invitations soon!

Where did you find your invitation inspiration from?  Did you decide to create a mock up to see if the ideas in your head would translate to paper?

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