Saturday, April 9, 2011

I’ve been invited!

I’m so excited you guys – I’ve been invited!  My super awesome maid of honour and bridesmaid are planning my bridal shower.  The girls know that I love tea.  This is my shelf at work, full of a ridiculous amount of loose leaf tea.DSCN4917

I also love me a good afternoon tea!  We celebrated MOH-T’s birthday a few years ago (when she was prego with my niece) with afternoon tea at the Fairmont in Banff Springs.Banff Tea 001

And my mom and I got off a red eye flight and went straight to tea at the Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City a few years ago.Quebec City 08-08 008

The girls were savvy and knew that a tea themed bridal shower would be totally up my alley.  They were so creative with the invitations and I may have squealed as I opened it up. 

IMGP3168Put on your hats, gloves and pearls
It’s tea-time for the girls
In honour of
Miss GazelleIMGP3169The back of the invitation…  Can you spy our bicycle stamp that was used as a watermark on the paper?
IMGP3171Need an excuse to go shopping?
Prizes will be awarded for best tea-time ensemble.IMGP3172

And a tea bag inside with all of the details printed on its tag.  Seriously, how creative were the girls?  I absolutely love it.  Thanks ladies!!!

Time to find me a hat….I wonder if Kate Middleton has one she can lend me?

Were you bowled away by your bridal shower invite?


Meg said...

HOLY CRAP those are amazing!!!! BIG PROPS to your girls!

My shower was a surprise so I didn't see the invites, but I saw the Facebook group afterwards with all of their sneaky planning!!

Unknown said...

Wow - snazzy invites! Sounds like a good excuse to DIY a ridiculousy fabulous tea hat with ribbons and feathers and bird cage lace and the whole nine yards!

Kamie said...

Wow I love those invites super cute!

Elena said...

Adorable! Very, very creative invite. :)

Laura said...

Ha-ha Leana, Why did I think you didn't have a blog. At least I thought that is what you said. So much better to find out I am wrong. I need a favor. I can't find your Polyvore gor Style GeoInCalifornia for Spring. I know I get names mixed up sometimes. Perhaps that the problem. Polyvore names don't match real names, or blog names. I get so confused. Please email it again. In the mean time I will try to find you on polyvore.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

OMG that is hands-down the BEST shower invite I have ever seen!! Major kudos to your bridesmaids for their creativity!!!

I love high tea also! Such a fun experience.

Saying I do said...

wow! Those are seriously incredddible invitations! how creative!! Kudos to your planners!