Thursday, February 24, 2011

My DIY Hair Flower

Hair fascinators…they are so pretty!  I knew I wanted to wear one for our wedding day.  I spent some time perusing Etsy looking for the perfect flower for my hair.  I never quite spied one I was in love with though.  Most of the fascinators I saw included feathers and I wasn’t sure I wanted that.  I thought about approaching a few vendors who had something close to what I was looking for to ask about a custom order, but as I started thinking about it more I realized that this would be one project I could tackle myself.

I envisioned a hair flower made out of layers of silk that matched my dress, with layers of tulle, maybe with a touch of French veiling since I wouldn’t be wearing an actual veil.  Perhaps a vintage rhinestone brooch in the center?  Perhaps something like this??IMGP3056

The first step in this project was finding the perfect rhinestone brooch.  Mr. Gazelle and I were up in Edmonton way back in October, perusing the Old Strathcona Antique Mall.  I spied the perfect one in a jewellery cabinet.  It rang in at $10.45 – not a super duper bargain but it was exactly what I was looking for.IMGP2674I used the hankie that came with my dress to find a beautiful off white silk at the fabric store that matched almost exactly.  From there the next question was what kind of flower did I want to build?  Martha Stewart came to the rescue with her peony template.IMGP2678I followed Martha’s tutorial as a guideline, but I’ll take you through my steps in the next post!

Did you decide to DIY a project because you couldn’t find exactly what you were looking for?

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Keith said...

I admit to a certain fascination about the whole thing. Your wedding, that is. And all the stuff that goes along with it. Often the whole thing is so totally over the top that it becomes almost like a circus, and I can't help but hope they had a good time spending what could have been the down payment on a nice house.

Maybe this is a bad thing to say, but I've had lots of fun over the years watching female engineers balancing their practical side that lets them be engineers, with the girly side. And a wedding, with all the planning and organizing, yet with all the flowers and mushy stuff is a perfect microcosm of the whole darn thing.