Monday, February 21, 2011

Fun with the scanning gun

Future Hubs and I are both in our thirties.  We’ve already managed to acquire a nice set of dishes, cutlery, a great set of pots and pans.  We own most of the things that couples ask for on a traditional registry.  In fact, we have two Kitchen Aid stand mixers already!

Back in the fall we were perusing Crate & Barrel, admiring all of the nice furniture.  A very helpful sales associate let us know that we could include furniture on a gift registry with Crate & Barrel.  So, why not register for furniture – the things we would need and like – rather than registering for things we don’t need or not registering at all?  The completion program sealed the deal. 

We decided to go to one of the wedding registry parties this past weekend.  They are typically held on Sunday mornings from 9 – 11 am, just prior to the store opening.  We got there right at 9 am and we were welcomed, given a scanner gun and shown how to use it, and our coats were whisked off to the back for us while we browsed the store.

We made a beeline to the drink table…orange juice, cranberry juice and mimosas!DSCN4789The drinks were conveniently located next to the waffles!  We grabbed a couple of hot of the iron waffles with syrup and sliced strawberries.DSCN4790After having a few bites it was time to get to work!  We had talked quite a bit beforehand about what we wanted to register for so we had a plan.  We found the first item on our wish list and put the scan gun to work!DSCN4798We continued to browse the store.  There were other food stations set up, one serving paninis, another serving smoothies.DSCN4800Once we had scanned in everything on our wish list we took another look around at the couches and tested out some of our favourites.  We had a great chance to talk to the staff about options, prices and they answered all of our questions.  The staff were helpful but not pushy.  DSCN4808Just before 11 am we uploaded our items from our scanning gun, got our registry set up and we were done!  We also got a thank you gift for registering – a glass vase.DSCN4826DSCN4827All in all it was a great experience!

How did you decide where to register at?


Keith said...

We married so long ago there was no such thing as bridal or gift registries.
Playing with the scanner gun, how great is that!

Danielle said...

Looks like a blast. We're going to register at Crate & Barrel as well when our wedding gets closer. I think we're also going to register and Bed, Bath & Beyond and/or Target as well.

I can't wait to use the scanner gun!

kristen said...

We felt like our only option was the Bay/Home Outfitters. We needed something national (since the wedding was in Calgary and we were living in Ottawa) and that's sort of the way it had to be. If I was living in Calgary or Toronto, I'd go Crate and Barrel all the way! (I'm jealous.)

Kelly said...

I'm so jealous of your vase! We got an ugly set of toasting flutes that were shaped like hearts!

Unknown said...

We had everything too so we chose to replace some of our old stuff and upgrade things too. Can people register towards an item at C&B if it is more than they wanted to spend alone?