Sunday, February 27, 2011

Are you freaking out yet?

The number one question from friends and coworkers is, “Your wedding is coming up so soon.  You must be so busy, are you freaking out?”

My response is usually a casual, “Nah, everything is just fine.  It’s all under control.  There isn’t a lot to do yet.”

Then my dental hygienist asked me that question on Friday and I realized that there isn’t that much time left.  Cue freak out!  I realized I needed to take a good look at my to do list and to set out dates for when things need to happen by.  Things like when deposits and balances are due, when we need to have RSVPs back and when we’ll have to mail invitations out.  I printed off some blank calendars from to get me started.IMGP3067I’ve determined that I need to hurry up and make a mock up of our invitations, then March/April needs to be all about assembling those invitations.  This will give us a chance to get those invitations out to our guests well in advance of our destination wedding!

Once I had a handle on things in the calendar I updated my online checklist on the knot.  I changed the dates on the suggested tasks to fit our timeline and added in the tasks specific to our wedding.  I’ve also put in key reminders on my Outlook calendar at work.

Once that was done I wrote out a list of all of my DIY projects to keep all of my projects straight.IMGP3068I’m feeling a lot more organized now!

What are you doing to keep organized?  Do you have any good tips to share?


Keith said...

I am a little bit surprised you don't have it all in MS project, with timelines, deliverables, assignments, contacts, details, sub-totals, estimates, branches, decision points, an assigned gatekeeper, incentives, reporting milestones, and I don't know what else all.

You have very neat writing.

Minnesota Maven said...

I'm not getting married but I just use a calender, and live a fairly unorganized life! Its a work in progress.