Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Question of Photography

FH and I knew we wanted great pictures of our wedding.  After all, the pictures last a long time after the wedding!  My only real experience with wedding photographer was from a few years ago at my brother and sister-in-law’s wedding.  Boy wedding photography has come a long way since then.n566921081_101479_138When it came to looking at venue possibilities in Vancouver I started scouring photography blogs to get ideas.  There was one photographer I kept coming back to. 

Sakura Photography.  Sakura is a husband and wife team and their pictures always amaze me.

The scenery.

brock-house-wedding-7Source heritage-hall-wedding-24Source

The emotion.

wedding-cake-cutting-17Source brock-house-wedding-31Source 

This picture makes me wish Finlay the wonder Westie could be involved somehow!


Except Finlay would be more likely to cuddle with shoes based off of some incriminating photos I have…IMGP0996

Truthfully though, when I saw the photos from this wedding, it sealed the deal.  Both on the venue and also on what photographers we wanted to use. 


FH and I are getting engagement photos with Leslie from Sakura Photography later this month.  We are so excited to work with her and to see how they turn out!  We actually booked our wedding date knowing that Sakura was free then too.  They absolutely were the ones we wanted there on the big day!


Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Amazing photos!! I agree that photography is very important and you shouldn't compromise on a good photographer (doesn't mean you have so spend a ton of money though!)

Have you said when the wedding is?

Unknown said...

I agree, some of our favorite photos are actually ones that guests took. And, as usual, you always gravitate to one or two shots and those are the ones you send out, hang up and look at the most.

J said...

I totally agree! I love photography and wish I could take better pictures! For the wedding I definitely want the best pictures I can afford!