Monday, November 21, 2011

Back to my roots

Like most brides I grew out my hair in anticipation of the wedding.  It had been ages since I've really grown my hair out.  Post wedding I hung on to the length as I was curious to see just how long I could get my hair. long it would get before it started to drive me nuts!

Wanna see?

Don't mind me while I whip my hair...

Well, four months post wedding it officially started to drive me nuts!  The ends felt dry and it was taking longer and longer to dry and style in the morning.  This weekend I said so long to 6 inches of hair.

I also decided to go back to my roots by getting my colour as close to my natural blonde colour as possible.  The slightly warmer blonde feels perfect for fall/winter and my hair is feeling so much softer (not to mention that it took much less time to dry this morning).

Did you wait a few months after your wedding before cutting your hair or could you not wait to cut it off?

PS - Yes, I own a lot of yellow clothing...


Keith said...

That looks nice! Long enough to put into a pony tail or a bun to keep out of your eyes in a workout. Long enough have fun with on special occasions. Short enough to be practical. Probably still works under a hard hat if you have to go to the field. Good stuff all round

Keith said...

Hey, no Disqus!

Saying I do said...

I waited a few months too..and then one day I just couldn't even take it anymore and called my hair place that morning and said "I need to come in TODAY" luckily, they fit me in over lunch. I'm toying with getting some highlights done..though I've never colored my hair before and I'm not sure if I want to start.

Unknown said...

Hee hee, why do I have visions of you closing the door and taking pictures of yourself in your office all day long!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I was just thinking when I saw you last week that your hair looks so nice long and I wished mine was longer!! I totally understand the maintenance of it though- especially with you jumping back into Ironman training.

It looks great short too! Love the photo sequence!! Too funny!

I waited 1.5 years after my wedding to do the big chop! It has been short ever since (4 years)! I am kinda growing it out now but only because it has the pregnancy glow and thickness.

kristen said...

I grew my hair out for my wedding- and it really surprised me. I was usually a shorter hair kind of person- but I think what tipped me into growing my hair was the fact that I had moved from Calgary to Ottawa and didn't want to risk a bad hair cut from someone I didn't know just a few months before my wedding.

After the wedding though- I think I cut my hair within weeks.

Then I few my hair for my sister's wedding last year and I haven't really gone back to shorter hair. I'm still wondering how long it will last :)

Love the new do!