Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hunting for the perfect pedestal for our cake

Back in October I was browsing etsy and I fell in love with milk glass. Specifically this milk glass cake plate.

il_fullxfull.178690736Image via havenvintage on etsy

The one on etsy was a bit rich for my blood so I began scouring antique stores, kijiji, craigslist and eBay for something similar. I finally spotted one on eBay and nabbed it with a last minute bid courtesy of the handy eBay app on my iPhone as I was browsing a fabric store for other wedding related stuff.

Two weeks later I got a message from the seller. The plate had been returned with its destination label missing and he was putting it back in the mail to me. Instantly I became worried that I would probably never see this item. Days would pass with no sign of the cake plate and finally it was 45 days since the original PayPal transaction. Luckily I got my money refunded, but I was still without the cake plate I had been hoping for.

Thankfully I managed to win another auction on eBay at a lower price than the first plate and it arrived soon in the new year. Even better? The card that came with the plate letting me know that proceeds from its sale would go to help victims of domestic violence.IMGP3062-1IMGP2840

“Thank you for your purchase.  The proceeds will go to supporting victims of domestic violence.  We appreciate your purchase.  Hope you enjoy the cake plate.”

The plate has a beautiful clear glass edge at the end of the ruffle. IMGP2836The plate is a good size that will hopefully hold our wedding cake! It is also the kind of item that we will get plenty of use out of when we entertain (since Mr. Gazelle loves to bake desserts).

Have you had any good or bad experiences with eBay lately?


Natalie said...

That's so pretty! I have been too stingy to shell out for any cute plates like that. Most of my ebay experiences buying have been great. Sometimes, I'll buy teacups and one will be broken, but that's not a big deal. Someone totally screwed me over when I was a seller once, though :(.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Beautiful!! And I love how you will be able to use it again!

My best ebay purchase was my road bike!

Laura @ Wine and Cheese, Please said...


I just found your blog--I'm following now :)

Anyway, that's a really cute cake stand. I love it--it's simple, classy, and a little bit unique. And even better that you can use it again.

I would ebay groceries if I could... :)