Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hunt for Ties

Trying to find the perfect tie for one’s wedding – not just for the groom but the groomsmen too – is hard! 

You have a specific colour you want.  You don’t want the ties to be ugly.  And, if you are like the Gazelles, you want the groom to have a different tie from his groomsmen so he stands out, but the other ties have to complement.  Oh, and you don’t like plain ties.

So you have all of these criteria in mind for ties…and you are shopping without the groom!

Why on earth would I be shopping for ties without Mr. Gazelle?  Well, I was down in Orlando with my parents for the Disney Marathon and Mr. Gazelle was back home in Calgary.  We were hoping to find some great quality ties at a low price thanks to the outlet malls down here.

We stopped by Orlando Premium Outlets and my dad and I were on a mission.  If a store sold ties we were in it!  At first it was looking pretty dismal.  The ties weren’t the right purple or they were really ugly.  Finally we walked into Zegna and it was like the sky parted and angels were singing.DSCN4579DSCN4583

A dark purple tie with lighter purple and white designs.  It is a very subtle pattern which was exactly what I was hoping to find!

With the tie for Mr. Gazelle located it was time to find ties for our groomsmen.  We hadn’t spotted anything that great at any other stores so we were placing all our hopes on the final store – Brooks Brothers.  We made our way to the back of the store to the table of ties and signs promising three ties for $99.  We found exactly the right tie for our two groomsmen – a subtle woven purple with blue dots.  DSCN4585Not a solid colour, and nice and understated to not compete with Mr. Gazelle.  Two ties would have been $90 so it seemed silly to not take advantage of the three for $99 deal.  I decided to get a patterned purple tie for my brother who will be the Master of Ceremonies at our wedding reception.DSCN4586

All in all, tie success!  I tried to show them off to Mr. Gazelle via webcam so he saw them, but not the detail of them.  Hopefully he likes them all though!

Did you find shopping for ties difficult?  Did you try to buy them without your fiancé?


Danielle said...

Those ties look great! I've been talking to a lady who makes ties to try to get one to match close to a detail in my dress for my FH. She's going to LA Fashion District in a week and is going to try to find the right fabric. *Fingers crossed*

I hope you FH loves the ties, I'm sure he will, though!

Natalie said...

Oh man...I'm about to write about my tribulations with the GM. I left everything up to FI and of course he hasn't chosen ANYTHING. I want each of the GM to wear different patterned ties in the same color group, but I'm afraid it will get vetoed. I love everything you showed though! So cute!

Manda Mack said...

Those ties are awesome! I'm actually seriously dreading picking out what the guys will wear, and that's quickly approaching!