Thursday, December 30, 2010

What is in a day?

Have you heard the rhyme advising you on the best day to marry?

"Monday is for health,
Tuesday for wealth,
Wednesday best of all.
Thursday brings crosses,
Friday brings losses;
but Saturday, no luck at all."

So Saturday is one of the worst days to get married (if you believe in superstitions) yet it is the most popular.  No doubt for convenience for our guests! 

FH and I were never set on any particular day to get married on.  We just knew we wanted to get married in July or August to guarantee our best chances of a non-rainy day in Vancouver.  When we started throwing around budget numbers it became apparent that a Saturday wedding would be way out of reach.  The minimum spends at most of the venues we were looking at were ridiculous.  Our venue doesn’t even hold small weddings on Saturday nights in the summertime.

Instead we tossed around a Sunday evening wedding so we would have a wider choice of venues.  The majority of our guests will be travelling to our wedding, so hopefully they won’t mind flying home on Monday instead of Sunday.  Vancouver is a great city to explore, so if they fly in on Friday then they will have all day Saturday to do just that.  I also have visions of trying to wrangle up interested wedding guests for a Saturday morning hike up the Grouse Grind if possible.  The Grouse Grind is one of my favourite things to do, it is like Mother Nature’s Stairmaster – a 1.8 mi trail with a 2,800 ft elevation gain.  DSCN1235DSCN1237Before we committed to a Sunday wedding I made sure that there would be several salons open so we’d have plenty of choices for getting our hair done the morning of the wedding.  We were in luck!  Everything else looked like it would fall into place easily.

Ultimately we will be able to have the kind of wedding we really want without having to make compromises due to inflated prices for Saturdays.  We haven’t heard any negative feedback from family and friends on our choice either.  The only thing is, the rhyme doesn’t say what happens if we get married on a Sunday!

What day of the week are you getting married on?


Kelly said...

I've never heard that rhyme... but it doesn't even include Sunday!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

We got married on a Saturday... how boring! It never crossed my mind to do it any other day!!
I think if most people are travelling to the wedding it doesn't really matter what day you get married. They should be happy- I am sure flights are cheaper on Monday than Sunday!

Keith said...

Jan 5 1985 is a Saturday. I had to look it up. I don't think we actually discussed what day of the week it would be on. It was just a convenient date, though my mom was choked. She did tax preparation at the time, and had we got married a few days earlier, I could have taken a fair sized chunk of money off my income tax.

Get married whatever day and date makes you happy. No other considerations need apply.

Heather said...

I got married on a Friday evening... With a 7:30 startto the ceremony, it was late enough so that no one (except the wedding party) had to take the day off work, and they could grab a quite bite at home or near the wedding venue beforehand, since we only cocktails and appetizers. we also liked that we had Saturday and Sunday to visit with our out if town guests. It meant that we had to do our pictures before, which I liked a lot for a few reasons: I didn't get overwhelmed with seeing for the first time during the ceremony (since we had already seen each other); we had more time for pictures; and our guests didn't have a break between the ceremony and reception.

To each their own!!!

Heather said...
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