Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Wedding Binder

My girls were telling me that I needed a wedding planning binder.  Really?  I am all about keeping things digital as opposed to hard copies.  With so many wedding planning websites to choose from I was feeling a bit sceptical about needing a binder but I figured I should probably check them out anyway.  After all, one might be useful for compiling contracts and other bits and pieces along the way.

On a Sunday morning I popped into Chapters, our Canadian big book store, to scope out the selection.  The binders were pricey and there were a whole lot of things that seemed superfluous to our wedding.  I decided my best option would be to make my own so off to Staples I went.     

I picked a purple binder and printed off my inspiration board for the front cover.  Open it up and there is a pencil case in front.IMGP2237Inside?  I have pens (black, red and purple), white out, tape flags and some paper samples for some of the paper products I’m going to use.IMGP2240Next up?  The to do list!  I’ve checked a few different ones out, but so far I like the task list on The Knot the best.IMGP2235After that I have a bunch of different tabs:

  • The venue: I have our contract, a booklet of steps to take now that we’ve booked the venue, the receipt for our deposit and other bits of pieces.
  • The photographer: I have our signed contract and a price list.  I haven’t talked about our photographers yet, but trust me, they are AMAZING!
  • The travel: I have our reservations for our trips out to Vancouver for our wedding planning, plus anything related to travel arrangements that have been made around our wedding.
  • Receipts: Here I’m keeping all the receipts for any wedding related purchases that have been made.IMGP2241

I definitely feel like this is more useful since I can customize it and add to it as needed.  Did it wind up being more cost effective than the pre-built binders I saw at Chapters?  Hard to say since I then picked up this awesome purple Fast In Flight Bag from Lululemon to tote it around in!IMGP2239Just kidding, I promise I didn’t buy the bag just to haul my binder around…

Do you have a wedding planning binder?  Am I missing anything from mine that I haven’t thought of yet?


Meg said...

You are so organized!!!

I did have a binder, but I didn't really use it. I got a pre-made one, and it had a lot of "extra stuff" that we weren't having with our wedding. Your idea is perfect!

I made sure to keep an invite, a thank you card, and a save the date magnet along with receipts and contracts in ours. I think it will be fun to look at years from now.

Love the bag too :)

Marlene said...

Nice! It's like school all over again! Your inner-nerd must be loving this. :)

I *love* that bag!!