Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Question of Glasses

Picture 009Me and MOH-T, showing off my glasses that just happened to be new at the time of this picture.

I know a lot of brides struggle with whether to wear glasses or not during their wedding.  For me this is a no brainer.  I can’t wear contacts so I have to wear glasses.  It is a long story but I seem to have major issues with dry eyes and contacts so I gave up trying to find contacts that would work years ago.  The glasses that I am currently wearing are four years old though and I just went through a significant change in my prescription.  I need some new lenses!

DSCN2361What is up with all the wine in these pictures? Gazelle tasting wine in the Hunter Valley.

The problem is I really like these glasses.  And all I can think about is that I need to pick some new frames that will look good in engagement photos and at the wedding.  That feels like a lot of pressure!

DSCN0837Catching the sunset in Coupeville on Whidbey Island in Washington.

At first I thought about just changing out the lenses in my current glasses, but wow that is expensive!  I started looking at new frames but nothing was clicking.  This feels harder than wedding dress shopping!  I popped into Lenscrafters and almost purchased a pair of black plastic frames.  Almost.  The price was right and they looked alright on.  The girl was filling out my prescription on her computer and was telling me that the lenses would be a special order.  As she was filling out the information I was having buyers remorse and I hadn’t even purchased anything yet!  Needless to say I hightailed it out of the store.

The next night it was off to another store – Iris – and this time I brought Mr. Gazelle.  He’s a big fan of the current glasses and I really wanted his opinion.  We ran through a bunch of frames and I finally settled on these lovelies.  Bonus?  They are the same purple as our wedding colour!  Not that I picked them just solely for that reason, but because the colour works really well with my colouring.

31xIxbHjzlL._SL500_Coach Bernice Glasses via

Did you struggle with the question of glasses in your wedding?


Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Oh I like those new frames!!

I just had laser eye surgery so I no longer have to wear contacts or glasses! Yay!!

I never had a problem wearing contacts so it was a no brainer for me on my wedding day- contacts!

I do encourage you to check out laser eye surgery. It took 6 years of DH telling me to do it before I finally took the plunge. He did it 7 years ago and hasn't regretted it for a second. So far so good for me too!

Meg said...

Yep. I actually got contacts a few months before to prepare for the big day. Contacts HURT though. The day of I said "screw it" and went blind. I could see well enough :P

I hate my glasses though, otherwise I totally would have worn them.

LOVE LOVE LOVE those frames!!! Good call.