Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Great Venue Debate

When the Future Hubs and I first began talking about the possibility of getting married he revealed that he would really like to get married on a boat.  A small, intimate ceremony with the ocean winds blowing and water all around.  Knowing that just to include my family members would probably require renting a whole other boat I wasn’t so sure this could work out.

I envisioned a slightly larger, but still fairly intimate ceremony in a vineyard, complete with good friends, good food and good wine to celebrate.  I had the perfect winery in the Okanagan in mind.  It had an amazing view of the Okanagan Valley, the setting was romantic and they made really good wine.  Plus they were building a restaurant on the property that was scheduled to open next spring.  FH agreed it would be a terrific option so I called to enquire.  Imagine my dismay when they told me that they didn’t do weddings.

I began looking at alternate wineries in the Okanagan but it seems like most wineries choose to concentrate on making good wine as opposed to promoting themselves as wedding locations.  The options that were available just weren’t appealing.

I switched gears, looking to see if getting married on a boat was an option.  I scoured the web for different cruise companies in Vancouver to see what the options were.  Somehow or other I wasn’t so sure that the food would be good and I couldn’t get visions of a dance floor like this one (from a recent dinner cruise I was on) out of my head.DSCN2630The options I could find weren’t really what the FH had in mind either.

So with that, now what?

Were you disappointed to find that your dream venue wasn’t a possibility for your wedding?


Molly said...

I might have gone for getting married in a tiny ceremony in Yosemite but dogs aren't allowed. In the end, after evaluating about a bazillion options, getting married on the beach up in a little resort town was perfect and allowed us to put our 4 guests up somewhere nice and spoil ourselves all weekend.

I'm sure you'll find something perfect!

Unknown said...

I was always surprised that so many wineries don't do weddings - they're all so picturesque and just seem like such great places to hold weddings...