Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dress Shopping – Round I (Part II)

We made our way to the second Embrace store in Airdrie.  It was a completely unassuming store inside a strip mall, advertising dry cleaning and alterations.

They also have tuxes along with discontinued gowns sold off the rack.  Dresses in the store can no longer be ordered so it was a case of if you find it, it fits you and you like it then you kind of have to go for it.

We looked through the gowns and most of them were a size 8 or 10.  I knew a bridal size 8 wouldn’t fit and the 10 was a maybe.  Then BM-D found something and started getting excited.

“Look at this one!”

I loved the look of it.  Where is the tag?  What size is it?  Where is the tag….why can’t I find the tag??

Size 12.  A beautiful Justin Alexander dress.

We put it in the dressing room at the front of all the other dresses so I could try it on first.  Once again, the girls had to help me in and do it up.  It zipped perfectly.

As soon as I exited the dressing room I could tell.  I had the biggest grin on my face.  I LOVED it!!!!  This was also the first dress I tried on that other girls in the store looked at me and told me that I looked amazing.

MOH-T said she could tell as soon as I stepped out of the dressing room.  BM-D figured this would be the dress as soon as she saw it on the rack.  I didn’t want to take the dress off.

It had a lot of the elements I was looking for in a dress but hadn’t been able to find in the previous two stores.  And seriously, this dress fit perfectly…  But what to do?  I hadn’t had a chance to shop with my mom yet and she wasn’t planning on coming out to Calgary for another three weeks.  We took a bunch of pictures so I could send them to my mom later and I put the dress on hold.  Check out my girls – they both wore purple – the wedding colour!  And check out the grin on my face!

Sorry about the big pink blob hiding the dress I was wearing!  I’m trying to keep my eventual dress a secret until the big day!

Did you find the dress you wanted but couldn’t buy it right away?


Unknown said...

You neglected to mention your perfect dress was pink! Ha ha, just kidding. My dress was straight off the rack too, no alterations necessary.

Lindsay said...

I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU. What a cliffhanger!! Ahhh the suspense :) Love the pink!

I didn't have the "OMG" feeling but then again I never tried on real wedding dresses (of the princess fancy variety). The one I ended up getting fit at the store... But for whatever reason they ordered it 3 sizes bigger.......

Marlene said...

oh YAY, it sounds like you may have found the one!!! Great teaser pic, lol!

I fell in love with my dress before my MOH had a chance to shop with me so I did the same thing... put it on hold until she was able to check it out too. She loved it!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Ahhh such a tease!!! By the huge grin on your face I think you may have found your dress!

Nope- by the time I found my dress everyone was sick of shopping with me!!

Meg said...

AHHH I wanna see! :D :D